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Cargo Shorts for Men

Keep calm and cargo on

During World War II, the British military, regarded for their practicality and innovation, issued pocket-laden “Battle Dress Uniforms” to their enlisted men. These cargo pants, as they were later called, featured multiple pockets that provided soldiers with easy access to pens, ammo and other key rations. 

The United States took notice and added cargo pants to their uniform arsenal soon after. When men returned home victorious following WWII, the cargo pants came along. As warm summer weather arrived, perhaps some vet’s attachment to his cargo pants led him to cut off the lower pant leg and convert the classic pant into the now-classic cargo short.

Regardless of origin story, cargo shorts are here to stay. Very few men continue to tote C-rations or Lucky Strikes; having said that, the modern man does need space aplenty for smartphone, charger, wallet, shades, granola bar, you name it. Read on for a veritable bevy of cargo shorts sure to make men look and feel heroic.

Cargo Shorts for All Seasons & Reasons

Classic Khaki Cargo Shorts for the Office

Khaki cargo shorts can fit the bill on casual Friday; in fact, Kohl’s collection of khaki cargo shorts are incredibly sharp. Combine these khaki cargo shorts with a smart polo, tuck it in and you’ve got yourself office-ready. Browse belts to bring it all together.

Rugged Cargo Shorts for Adventure

Other cargo shorts are more at home at the skatepark, at the beach or on the trail. Timelessly teenaged, these cargo shorts play well on vacation adventures or just strolling the mall for good deals on more cargo shorts. Grab a graphic tee and impress your kid’s friends.

Cargo Shorts for Comfort at Home

Still other cargo shorts are ideal for home improvement projects, helping your buddy move or just kicking back. Take a look at these terrific tees, easy to combine with your comfy cargo shorts. Cargo shorts even come in camo, serving as a nice homage to the WWII origin story.

Cargo Short Convenience & Performance

Pockets o’ Plenty

You’re on your way to the music festival: twelve hours, maybe more, in the fun and sun. Your packing list: sunscreen, shades, water bottle, wallet, phone, charger and, well, you’ve got a seventh pocket for whatever you might pick up at the show. Yep, seven pockets.

Performance Cargo Shorts

The boss wants you to go golfing, or some other form of outdoor hobnobbery. And it’s hot out. Not pleasant summer day hot but you’re going to need a change of clothes hot. Don’t sweat it, Kohl’s has got you cargo-covered. Stay cool and look cool as you try to convince Jensen from accounting that you’re supposed to let the client’s win the round.

Big & Tall Cargo Shorts

This country was built on the backs of big & tall fellahs. Cargo short makers believe, it’s just more of you to love. Classic cargo shorts, khaki cargo shorts, even denim cargo shorts are all available in big & tall varieties.

Cargo Short Combos

Get your getup together at Kohl’s and dig the latest styles from some of the top brands:

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