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Men’s Clothing

Shirt & Tees for Men

Turn your attention, gentlemen, to the ample abundance of tops for men at Kohl’s. Whether you’re jogging, lounging, walking or riding, we’ve got your torso covered with tees & tops from some of the top brands. Short sleeve, long sleeve, hooded or collared for casual Friday; Kohl’s will have you in tip-top shape for the next move in your life.

Jeans, Shorts, Casual & Dress Pants

Stretch out those legs and get loose, gentlemen: Kohl’s is set to complete your outfit, no matter your destination or intention. We have got athletic wear and apparel, but no one will mind if you pick up a comfortable, flexible pair of shorts or pants for the Doctor Who marathon. For the more outdoorsy among men, Kohl’s provides professional performance pants and shorts sure to show your skills on the track, court or field of play. Don’t come up sure to buy a couple pair for your next marathon, be it on the couch or, you know, outdoors and everything.

Men's Coats and Jackets

Protect yourself from the elements with a big & tall jacket or coat. No matter if you’re looking for a heavyweight winter jacket or a light spring raincoat, you’re sure to find an outerwear option that provides warmth and comfort, while keeping you dry all day long.

Men’s Coats & Jacket styles

Let’s take a look at the many different outerwear styles that are available in big & tall sizes.

Winter jackets

A good, solid winter coat is a must-have for those living in colder climates. When the temperature dips below freezing and snow is falling down, you’ll be glad to have a heavier coat. Many winter coats have dense insulation to keep you warm, waterproof or water-resistant finishes to keep you dry, and plenty of pockets for added storage and warmth.

Leather jackets

No other apparel option provides timeless style quite the same way a leather jacket does. The sophisticated look, paired with warm insulation, means that you’ll look your best while feeling comfortable in any conditions.

Rain jackets

You’ll be sure to stay high and dry in a rain jacket, complete with water-resistant or waterproof fabric. Some rain jackets also come in packable designs, so you can carry them with you with ease and have them ready when the weather turns nasty.

Active jackets

For the on-the-move type who is always looking for adventure or competition in the outdoors, an active jacket is a must-have. Active jackets offer lightweight protection from the elements, along with a design that allows easy movement. This makes active jackets perfect for hiking, playing a round of golf, running or jogging around the block, and much more. Also be sure to look for active jackets that display your favorite sports team’s logo for even more sporty style!

Mens Socks & Underwear




Big & Tall

Bonus Packs

Big & Tall Clothing for Men




Active Clothes

Big and/or tall? Kohl’s understands that some fellahs just need a like extra, whatever it is he may do. Kohl’s has a robust collection of big and tall active clothing for men, featuring some of the finest activewear available anywhere. Because we know there’s just more of you to love, Kohl’s collects activewear and loungewear. Because professional athletes are among the many big and tall humans of the planet, Kohl’s knows how to keep you comfortable with a full complement of men’s shorts, pants, tees and tops. It’s imperative that you feel good and look good: Kohl’s allows you to choose big and tall.