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Men’s Dress Boots: For When Average Shoes Aren’t Enough

What are Dress Boots?

Dress boots have a rich history. Before men were socially allowed to wear shoes, they wore what we call today as dress boots and pumps. Women primarily wore shoes, so it’s quite funny to see how things have reversed in modern times. Today, dress boots are an excellent complement to contemporary men’s fashion.

What makes them different from other boots? Well, to start, they’re usually leather, and they’re certainly designed differently. Other books are a fair bit more structured and built for some sort of protection. Dress boots tend to be fashion oriented, with designs that make them pairable with both suits and dressed up casual outfits. Other boots can only really be worn with casual looks or are designed to be sports gear. With this in mind, why in the world should you make the plunge for some dress boots?

Why You Should Consider Dress Boots?

Dress boots are for the trendy male. The guy who cares about being current and looking good doing it. What makes dress boots a necessity for the fashionable male is the breadth of design. Sure, the differences can be simple with differences in fabric and color. However, different cuts, buttons, laces, and even toe shapes can make substantial changes to the tone of your outfit. With fashion, many factors of a successful outfit come down to the details. If your trendy dress outfit is all aces, but you’re missing the right pair of boots, you’ve done yourself a significant disservice.

It’s not hard to find an amazing pair of dress boots with Kohl’s extensive selection, so stop dilly-dallying and get to it!

Styling Your Dress Boots

Finding the right pair for your overall style isn’t too tricky. Much of it comes down to the overall style you’re going for, in conjunction with your outfit. Are you going for the shorter Chukka style? What about the sleek Chelsea styles? Tapered toes work great for taller men, whereas rounder toes work best for shorter. Which pair you go for is also determined by fabric and color.

If you love leather, then you certainly won’t be convinced to get anything else. Leather shoes are by far the most classic and should be strongly considered. However, if you’re looking for a richer texture, consider a canvas dress boot. You can find other material constructions which are uniquely textured. On the point of color, most dress boots will be colored neutrally, but be sure to match your colors across your accessories as needed to complete your look.

Other Boot Styles

There are times when you dress boots might just not work with your outfit. They were never meant to everything and that’s okay. This is why there are different boots for different activities and occasions! Someone very athletic shouldn’t trek their dress boots on trials and bike rides. Instead they should consider something different. Along with that sometimes the weather will refuse to cooperate and put your dress boots through their paces. In times like these you may need something better suited to protect your feet.

Below you will find some alternatives for when your dress and fashion boots won’t quite meet your expectations.

Waterproof boots

Spring, Fall, and Winter are serial offenders for screwing up your footwear. With precipitation and cooler temperatures rampant, consider a pair of waterproof boots to help keep your feet dry. They’re constructed with water resistant materials to help get you through the day without soggy feet from rain, sleet, and copious amounts of snow.

Hiking boots

The wilderness calls for a special touch. It certainly does not call for a suit, which means you best shelve your dress boots for something with better long term support and flexible materials. Hiking boots tend to offer a sturdier sole for persistent motion and denser materials to help protect your feet on those charted (and uncharted) trails.

Work boots

Work boots are best for what they’re named after: work. However, certain men’s fashion styles utilize work boots in interesting ways. Whether you’re just trying to protect your feet, or you want to create fashionable outfits, you can find just what you need at Kohl’s.