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Men’s Flip Flops

Kick back and relax in a brand new pair of men's flip flops from Kohl's! When you need a comfortable, yet stylish option to enhance your warm-weather look, shop our selection of flip flops for men and find items that will provide all the features you need to enjoy some time for yourself by the beach or pool. Get all the men's gear you're looking for at Kohl's!

Styles of Men’s Flip Flops & How to Wear Them

Kohl's has a wide variety of men's footwear and apparel options to choose from, with many different styles and brands available, including men's REEF flip flops, men's Skechers flip flops, and men's black flip flops, so you can be sure you'll find the right option you need for your everyday wardrobe.

The traditional men’s flip flop style is the thong sandal, which features no heel, an upper that goes over the top of your foot, and a (typically) fabric thong piece that rests between your big and middle toes. And of course, the name “flip flop” comes from the sound the footwear makes as you walk.

As you might expect, men’s flip flops are very casual footwear options, and are best suited for wear when you’re at the beach or pool. They do not offer much in the way of support or traction, so they aren’t ideal when traversing longer walks on uneven terrain. However, you can style them up to offer a smart-casual look that’s perfect for dinner out at a restaurant patio, or for other functions that take place in the warm-weather months.

For these situations, be sure your flip flops are in good condition, and are of a more elevated style - this likely means a pair of leather men’s flip flops. Pair the footwear with a crisp pair of flat-front khaki shorts and a men’s polo or short-sleeved button-down shirt, and you’ve got a look that ready for fun in the sun.

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Men's footwear and apparel from Kohl's are sure to keep you looking and feeling great, no matter what the day has in store for you. Find all your apparel essentials at Kohl's, and take your look to a whole new level!