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Men’s Graphic Tees

Make a different kind of fashion statement when you sport the ultimate in laid back casual style with men’s graphic t-shirts from Kohl’s! There is nothing more comfortable and carefree in every guy’s wardrobe than a lightweight loose fitting t-shirt, and few things can express your individual style than a graphic tee. Wear it as a stand alone, under a sport coat with your favorite pair of jeans, or layered over a long sleeve t-shirt of a contrasting color and let a great looking graphic tee speak your personal language to the world without saying a word. Whether it’s your favorite superhero, that tv show or movie you love, or your favorite musician or band, you’ll find it on a graphic tee and you’ll find it at Kohl’s!

The Best of the 80s and 90s

Fans of nostalgia from the 1980s and 1990s will dig men's graphic tees honoring the Golden Girls, the Goonies, Saved by the Bell, Dragon Ball Z or their favorite bands from the era like Nirvana and Sublime. Whether it’s movies, music, or some of pop culture’s most iconic characters from the 80s and 90s, you can be sure the men’s graphic tee collection at Kohl’s captures it. Keep the spirit of a truly monumental and influential pair of back-to-back decades alive with fun-to-wear, conversation-starting men’s graphic tees from Kohl’s!


Everyone loves movies. Some of them define entire generations. Some of them are staples of childhood memories. Some of them have given us the most memorable, remarkable and heroic characters we’ve ever known, and one of the best ways we have to show off our love for the movies we love is with men’s graphic t-shirts from Kohl’s! And if animated entertainment is your thing, then keep your love for Disney on display with men's graphic t-shirts featuring beloved characters from their animated films and TV shows like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, Simba from The Lion King and Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Men's graphic tees also feature some beloved cartoon pooches like Snoopy and Scooby-Doo.


The only thing in popular culture that we love as much as movies is music, and when you can’t blast your favorite tunes in your living room or your car, then tell the world who your favorite musicians are by donning a music-themed graphic tee from Kohl’s! With graphics of bands from Metallica to Johnny Cash and from the Foo Fighters to the Wu Tang Clan, Kohl’s has an extensive collection of your favorite bands and musicians emblazoned on comfortable t-shirts to add to your t-shirt collection.

Sports and Athletic Brands

Whether you’re hitting the gym or lounging around on the weekend, a comfortable t-shirt is something that makes your activity more enjoyable. When we look good we feel good and t-shirts from the hottest athletic brands like Under Armour, Nike, and adidas can help make us feel our best. Kohl’s has a wide selection of hundreds of sports and athletic brand-name tees to help you power up for that intense workout or power down for that relaxing evening on the couch.

Your casual wardrobe is an important expression of your individual style and makes a strong statement about who you are. So make part of that statement a great looking men’s graphic tee from Kohl’s! Whether you sport it with your favorite pair of jeans or under an unbuttoned button-down shirt, you can be sure you’ll make more than a strong statement, you’ll make the right statement. And you can take the first step in adding to your men’s graphic tee collection when you shop Kohl’s!