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Men's Hats at Kohl's

There's just something regal about wearing the right hat. It's downright royal. Check Kohl's for kingly headwear, from baseball caps, bucket hats and beanie caps to bucket caps and fedoras. We've got hats for princely occasions such as nights out, reunions and other impression-making events. Plus, we've got hats for the old ballgame, cutting the grass, taking a leisurely stroll or simply sitting and sipping in the sun. Be sure to shop all of our hat offerings for the crown of your own creation.

Men's Baseball Caps

Take yourself out to the ballgame, the beach, the trail or anywhere under the sun in a big time baseball cap for men from Kohl's. Whether you are a brown eyed handsome man, a blue-eyed son or anything in between, you'll touch 'em all and be happily heading for home in some of the top brands available. Protect your dome from the rays of sun and look good doing it. Get up, get up, get outta here: sunburn is gone! Keep those peepers protected as well, with Kohl's incredible selection of sunglasses.

Men's Bucket Hats

Cool, casual and handsome: yes, we're talking about YOU, bucket hats. Combine iconic style with practical coverage from the sun and you have a classic cap, ready for your next outing. The bucket hat brought unmistakable aplomb upon the heads of Run D.M.C. in the 1980s and has been favored for rocking eye-catching style ever since. Own your crown with bucket hats from Kohl's, highlighted by some of the top brands anywhere. Tie your look together with some kicking kicks from Kohl's wide variety of shoes for men.

Men's Ivy Caps

Ready for the easy, educated and enlightened look? Enter the ivy cap: recognized for the classy cool embodied by golfers, newsboys from old films and men savvy enough to don the sleek cap. Kohl's selection of men's ivy caps will capture your imagination and outfit you in unique, iconalsitic headwear sure to turn heads from the links, to the boardrooms to the sidewalks. Don't worry guys, you don't have to golf or deliver newspapers to rock this style: it's all about attitude...if you own it, the ivy hat will pay dividends.

Men's Fedora Hats

Make a formidable impression with a fine fedora hat, gentlemen. A statement of class and sophistication will emanate from your person as you saunter into the social scene; be sure to delightedly doff your cap so that your peers will intuit your humility and thus welcome you into their revie without fear of admonishment for their non-fedora'd domes. But seriously folks, a fedora is so fine, you'll be fending off new friends from every direction. Wear responsibly. Place another feather in your fedora cap by pairing it with formalwear for Men from Kohl's.

Men's Cold Weather Beanie Caps

Winter comes quickly and without warning, good sir. Ensure your head is cloaked in warmth and style with Kohl's collection of cold weather beanie caps for men. Available in an array of attractive styles and colors, beanie caps are perfect for packing just in case, or applying to one's head just prior to departure. Breathable, lightweight yet still insulative, beanie caps from Kohl's are great for jogging, shoveling, strolling or simply riding the storm out.