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Men's Jeans

No matter the occasion, a pair of trusty jeans is a must-have in any wardrobe. With plenty of styles, fits, and brands to choose from, it can be tricky to know exactly which denim option you're looking for. However, the many varieties of jeans styles also mean that there are all sorts of looks available, so a perfect option to suit your style is sure to be found!

Men's jeans styles

One of the most important factors when it comes to selecting a pair of jeans is the style of jean you're looking for. Some jeans styles are timeless, while others take a more on-trend approach and are suited to the current fashion climate.


Bootcut jeans feature a fitted hip and thigh, but have a slightly wider leg opening.

Loose Fit

These jeans feature a looser fit through the hip and thigh, with a straight leg opening.

Tapered Fit

Tapered fit jeans have an easy fit through hip and thigh, usually with a straight leg opening.

Skinny Fit

Trendy skinny jeans have a tight fit in the hip and thigh with a narrow leg opening.

Straight Leg

Straight leg jeans are fitted in hip and thigh with a straight leg opening.

Slim Fit

Slim fit jeans are slim through hip and thigh with a straight leg opening.

After you choose your fit or style, be sure to pick the right color of jeans that will coordinate with your wardrobe. With the usual options like navy, black, and blue, you're sure to find a pair that will go with just about anything. Other color options like red, gray, and white, you can make a bold fashion statement and stand out in the crowd.

Other details like intentionally-added rips or distressed accents tie the entire look together and add even more personality to your outfit. Other accessories, like belts, help by adding a subtle touch of style that can go a long way to achieving a look you'll love.

Other men's essentials

Now that you have your ideal pair of jeans picked out, you can fill in other wardrobe essentials that will complete your total ensemble. A plaid shirt is a versatile option, lending itself to casual occasions, as well as at-work wear. A classic polo can do the same; it's an easy top option that transitions perfectly from the office to happy hour. If you are hoping to add a more formal look to your wardrobe, a sport coat can elevate your appearance with ease. And when you are just kicking back with friends and family around the house, a t-shirt is never a bad choice. Whether it's a simple solid tee, or a graphic tee with your favorite sports team, band or movie on it, you're sure to be ready for just about anything…and will look great in the process!

Men's jeans are about as vital to your wardrobe as any other clothing piece you own. With endless styles, fits, colors and details to choose from, a simple pair of jeans can transform your look in an instant!