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Nothing feels quite the way of a classic pair of Levi's jeans. No matter if you're working, lounging, or out and about, you need a quality, durable pair of pants that are able to keep up with you and your busy lifestyle. Take a look at our wide array of Levi's jeans and other products that will ensure that you're looking great while staying comfortable and sporting a brand that, if anything, has stood the test of time. With many different fits and styles, it can be difficult to pin down which pair is right for you. Fret not, you can take a look at this fitting guide that will walk you through some of Levi's most popular styles!

501 - Classic Fit

Based on the original Levi's that started it all, little has changed with this fit since their release. If you're looking to carry on a tradition or just gain a little insight on the jeans of the past, these jeans are where it's at. With style that hasn't aged a day, these jeans make the saying "out with the old, in with the new" sound positively preposterous. Try out a pair in traditional blue for a classic addition to anyone's denim lineup.

510 - Skinny Fit

If this pair of pants proves anything, it's that a little bit of spandex can go a long way. Providing a slim feel while retaining comfort, this pair stretches to your body to create a hip, modern style. The skinny look is in, and these pants, available in many trendy colors, are sure to keep you looking spiffy for any occasion!

541 - Athletic Taper Fit

Here's a pair of jeans that meets you in the middle. Sporting more of a slim look, these jeans still feel nice and roomy, making them comfy, stylish, and the true all-purpose pair. When you look in your wardrobe and just aren't sure what to wear, having this as an option can certainly make the decision easier.

550 - Relaxed Fit

Are you looking for some denim that's more on the casual side of fashion? Look no further than Levi's Relaxed Fit jeans! If the slim and skinny style isn't quite your bag, you can look towards a pair of jeans that are comfortable and casual enough to sit around the house, but also sport a classic look that's great for meeting some friends out on the town!

560 - Comfort Fit

Perhaps you're looking for a pair of jeans that maximize comfort above all else. These Comfort Fit jeans are laid-back and the ideal pair for just lounging around. This pair is loose-fitting, allowing for a casual, baggy look. Check out a pair in your favorite color for your next night in!

Other Levi's Products

While primarily known for their quality denim, Levi's offers a slew of other great products that are just as trusted and dependable! Check out Kohl's selection of Levi's shorts, including chino and jean materials, that are the perfect way to rock a tried-and-true clothing brand in the summertime! Don't forget to purchase a new belt with your new pair, and you can stay on-brand with this Levi's Reversible Leather Belt, sure to go with whatever style you prefer! Also, you can check out our lineup of Levi's shirts, including logo tees, graphic tees, flannels, and button-down shirts to keep your style in check!

Be sure to shop Kohl's selection of Levi's clothing to keep you and your whole family looking fresh! Whether you need a new pair of jeans or some comfy flannel shirts, our array of Levi's casualwear is sure to have what you need to stay stylish for any occasion.


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