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Men’s Manicure Kits

Keep your nails looking their best with a new men’s manicure kit from Kohl’s! Featuring all the tools you need to trim, clip, and detail your hands and feet with ease, men’s manicure kits from Kohl’s make great gifts for any dapper gent in your life!

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Features of Men’s Manicure Kits

When looking for a manicure set, you’re sure to want to keep your eyes peeled for kits that include all the necessary items that will help keep you looking great.

First off, any manicure kit needs to have a pair of nail clippers. This tool trims with ease, and keeps nails at the ideal length when they grow too long.

You’ll also want to consider a nail file, which can help provide your nails with the proper shape. It can also help contour the corners of your nails, keeping them smooth and stylish.

Many kits also include cuticle scissors or nippers. These items trim unsightly or annoying hangnails.

Tweezers are usually included in men’s manicure sets, as they can easily remove splinters or other painful items that could get stuck in your fingers or hands.

And, of course, most nail kits for guys include an easy carrying case. These cases can be made of a wide variety of materials, including genuine leather for the discerning gentleman. Cases make the kits easy to carry with you as you travel, keeping all the parts of the set together and protected.

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