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The security of your cash and credit and identification cards is of the utmost importance. But many times keeping these critical items in a traditional wallet can be inefficient and make a wallet bulky and too heavy and uncomfortable to carry. So what is the solution? Switch to a money clip from Kohl's! Money clips are a stylish and compact alternative to the traditional men's wallet and are becoming increasingly popular as the primary means to carry both paper and plastic currency. And with the wide variety of designs available, you're sure to find just the right money clip to fit your personality and lifestyle when you shop Kohl's!

Money clips are small and sleek. They take up less room in your pocket and free you from the burden of carrying around a rolodex of plastic cards. Money clips streamline your spending habits and bring you face to face with how much money is literally leaving your wallet. While some may think of money clips as limiting, they are actually quite versatile and can carry up to 20 folded banknotes. Magnetic money clips are also very popular and capable of carrying several plastic credit and identification cards.

What Kind of Money Clip Is Your Money Clip?

Essentially there are three different styles of money clip: The Classic Clip, the Magnetic Clip, and the Wallet Clip. Read on and find out which one is best suited to your lifestyle.

The Classic Clip

On average the classic clip is about 5 centimeters in length, 1.5 centimeters in width and will wrap nicely around half a dozen of folded bills.

The material used for the clip can range from more pricey metals like silver, gold, titanium - which is hypoallergenic - or even platinum, to more basic material like stainless steel or nickel. While gold and titanium are more pricey, nickel and stainless steel are the most common money clips available you will find on the market.

Some clips will only consist of a metal bent onto itself, other clips feature a small hinge. A hinge is to be considered a huge plus, because it will make it much easier to insert cards into the clip. Classic clips often come in a matte finish for a rustic but refined look, or in a mirror-polished finish for a more elegant appeal.

The Magnetic Clip

The term 'magnetic' is a bit misleading when describing a magnetic money clip. It is not the actual clip that is magnetic. A magnetic money clip is made from two magnets that are sewn into the ends of a durable material. Instead of the plier-like grip of a classic clip, it is these two magnets that will hold everything together. Almost exclusively, the two magnets are stitched into a strip of leather that is typically a little wider than the strip of metal used for the classic clips.

The 'Wallet' Clip

So called 'wallet' or 'hybrid' clips are money clips that feature credit holders. Here, credit cards are inserted into more traditional wallet-type slot rather than clipped together with cash. Wallet-style money clips come in a wide variety of designs, the most common being two-sided clips with a regular money clip on the one side and one or more card slots on the other.

Having a money clip doesn't necessarily mean you need to ditch that traditional wallet you've gotten so used to carrying your entire life. Many people keep their wallet and use a money clip for special occasions or just when they simply don't want or need to carry everything that they keep in their wallet. Mix and match them with your favorite accessories to compliment your look such as men's belts, men's watches, or a fine men's fragrance. Whatever your reason and whatever you choose to accessorize it with, you can't go wrong with a money clip from Kohl's!