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Men’s Footed Pajamas

A good night’s sleep is important for everyone. A great way to ensure that you get the rest you need is to have some nice sleepwear in your corner! Cozy up on the couch, roll out of bed or head outdoors on a late-night snack run with a comfy pair of pajamas...but not just any ordinary pajamas. Let your inner sloth out with men’s one-piece pajamas! Contrary to belief, one-piece pajamas are not just for kids and babies. Offering extra style and comfort that's sure to help you kick back and relax, our selection of one-piece pajamas will ensure sweet dreams as you drift off to sleep.

What are Men’s Footed Pajamas?

If you haven’t worn adult footed pajamas before, you’re missing out on some great comfort and fun. Featuring a zip front and long sleeves, one-piece pajamas are perfect for keeping you warm and comfortable all night long. Similar to a bodysuits, adult footed pajamas are a style of loose-fitting casual jumpsuits - but for adults. They’re mostly intended as loungewear or sleepwear but some styles can also be worn as streetwear. One-piece pajamas are typically made of knit cotton, fleece, or polyester to maximize comfy lounging everywhere you go. In addition to footed pajamas, be sure to also shop our wide selection of family pajama sets to keep your entire family cozy and stylish, too.

Men’s One-Piece Pajamas Styles

Looking for a way to keep your entire body warm while maintaining consistency in your style? No matter what style you choose, you’ll surely love the way you look. Pajamas with hoods It’s great to have your arms and legs covered on those chilly nights, but what about your neck and head? Opt for footed pajamas with a hood to protect against the chill morning air as you sip your coffee or tea outdoors. Pajamas with pockets Without pockets, it’s difficult to carry around essential items while simultaneously completing tasks. Whether you want to keep things close to you or just keep your hands warm, footed pajamas with pockets are the way to go. Pajamas with the feet out It can get pretty warm in footed pajamas. If you want to move your feet about freely or wear shoes with your pajamas, you can explore options with the feet out.

Themed Footed Pajamas for Men

Do you want your pajamas to say a little bit about your personality and interests? Peruse our assortment of graphic pajamas that feature famous characters such as Woody from Toy Story and Olaf from Disney’s Frozen. Are you in the holiday spirit? Nothing makes Christmas morning more special (besides family and presents) than matching holiday pajamas. Make the holiday season even more fun with Christmas adult one-piece pajama sets. Get ready to coordinate outfits and celebrate any event with festive patterns, graphics, and colors ideal for snapping family pics. In addition to Christmas, explore collections that celebrate Halloween, sports teams, and more!

Other Sleepwear Options for Men

You don’t have to wait to find sleepwear in the style you’re looking for. Now’s the time to explore pajama top and bottom essentials. A convenient way to stay cozy, men’s pajama sets typically come with a sleep shirt and a matching pair of sleep pants. Are you someone who likes to sleep in light layers? Sleep tees from our assortment of pajamas may be just what you need. These t-shirts are specifically made for sleeping in, making them extra comfortable and breathable. If you’re looking for the classiest option available, there’s no question that a regal robe is just what you need! Warm, comfy, and absorbent, robes are perfect when you’re looking to have a relaxing night off or staying warm out of the shower. At Kohl's, you know that you can find all the apparel you need to be prepared for every season and any event. Be sure to shop our full line of clothes and other essentials for all your family's wardrobe needs!