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Men's Outdoor Clothing

Looking to spend some time in The Great Outdoors? Then make sure you're prepared for anything with our wide selection of men's outdoor clothes that are great for camping, hiking, and more! The items available will not only ensure that you enjoy your time in nature, but will also help keep you safe and protected from the elements.

So before you and your fellow adventurers head out to explore, get geared up with all the essentials you need to make memories during your excursions!

Types of Men's Outdoor Clothing

If you're planning an outdoor excursion, your apparel choices will need to account for every weather phenomenon you might encounter - not to mention that you'll need to dress for the activities you plan on taking part in, too!


The easiest way to keep yourself covered and shielded from rain, snow, sleet, and other weather types is by gearing up with men's outdoor outerwear. With jackets and coats that provide waterproof material, wind protection, various layers of warmth, and a wide variety of features for convenience, our selection of men's outerwear has something for everyone - and every occasion!

Tops & Tees

The next area to focus your attention on when building an outdoor ensemble is men's tops and tees. From button-down shirts to tees, as well as quarter-zip pullovers and hooded sweatshirts, our assortment of men's outdoor tops is second to none. All are designed for the ultimate in comfort, and are perfect for any outdoor activity.

Pants & Shorts

To complete your rugged look, you'll need a pair of men's outdoor pants or shorts. Each pair available is sure to offer style and function that is unmatched, giving you just the item you need to take on the outdoors.

Some men's outdoor bottoms come with a convertible design, meaning they can quickly convert from pants to shorts, and back again! This allows for added versatility, and means you're extra prepared for the ever-changing conditions.

Socks & Underwear

To set the base for your outdoor wardrobe, be sure to pick up foundational pieces like men's socks and underwear. Items like wool socks, thermal base layers, and more are the perfect starting apparel options to ensure your wardrobe is ready for the elements.

Outdoor Shoes & Boots

When heading out on the trails for a hike, be sure to lace up a pair of men's outdoor shoes or boots. Offering waterproofing, extra traction, durable construction, and other features, men's outdoor footwear ensures stability and comfort in any conditions.

You can also find water shoes, for the times you venture near lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water. And even other outdoor shoes offer protective features, like steel toes, non-slip soles, and more. These features make certain shoes styles ideal for jobs that take you outside.

Camping & Hiking Essentials

If your trip into the outdoors includes some time at the campground, you'll want to start with the basics that will offer shelter and comfort at your home away from home! The easiest and most common way to do this is to pitch a tent.

Having the right tent for your outdoor adventure is essential. You will need to evaluate the weather conditions, season and environment in which you are camping and also the number of adults that the tent can fit comfortably. Some tents also list the square footage so you can determine additional storage space for gear. If you are backpacking, you will want to consider a lightweight tent for easy mobility. Most tents include ground stakes, poles, a canopy and often, a rain fly for assembly.

Another shelter you might consider for your camping trip is a canopy. Canopies help provide weather and sun protection while outdoors. Most often, the height of the canopy can be adjusted, but is typically tall enough for most adults to comfortably stand underneath. Some varieties also feature screens to prevent bugs from entering.

Once you have the right structures for your campsite, you'll want to move on to checking out the other practical camping gear you'll use daily. This includes the sleeping bag in which you'll catch your Zs.

If you want to sleep a bit off the ground, there are a couple options to consider. The first is an air mattress. Air mattresses create a comfortable and cushioned sleeping place inside a tent. These are ideal for extended campground stays, but can be bulky to carry and require an air pump for inflation.

The other option is a sleeping bag pad. Sleeping bag pads can be used with or without an air mattress to stay separated from the ground and lumpy terrain. These items are usually less bulky than an air mattress while providing additional cushioning and warmth to your sleeping space. There are multiple styles to choose from, including self-inflating pads or foam mats.

With your sleeping situation settled, you'll want to consider other items you'll need around camp, for tasks like cooking. Cookware will help make meal prep simple and easy when at the campsite. It is a good idea to bring small or lightweight cookware items to minimize adding bulk to your camping gear. Depending on the meals you want to prepare outdoors, important items to take include a cooking rack or utensils that reach over the campfire, pots and pans, cups, plates, bowls, eating utensils and storage containers with covers.

And now that you've cooked a delicious meal, you're going to want to enjoy it while sitting around the campfire. And the best way to do this is to kick back and relax in brand new camp furniture. Folding chairs, tables and benches provide comfortable seating for eating, socializing and relaxing around the campfire. Look for items that easily compact and are lightweight for convenient traveling.

And don't forget about other outdoor essentials, like fishing gear, bicycles, and more!

Get all your outdoor must-haves, and prepare to take on new adventures in safety and comfort. You'll want to be prepared for anything Mother Nature throws in your way, and our selection of outdoor gear and apparel gets you on the right track!