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Mens Pajama Bottoms

When it comes to being prepared for whatever the day has in store for you, nothing is more important than getting a good night's sleep the night before. So why would you skimp on your sleepwear, which can be the difference between getting restful sleep and tossing and turning throughout the night? The wide array of sleepwear at Kohl's is sure to have what you need to get the most out of your time catching Z's, and nothing is a more critical part of the ensemble than the pajama bottoms you wear. Take a look at what Kohl's has to offer in mens pajama bottoms to get your sleepwear attire where it needs to be!

Differences in Material

You may not think of it, but the material of your pajama bottoms can make a big difference based on your personal comfort preferences. The most common of these materials include cotton, flannel, and polyester. With so many options, it can be difficult to decide which one to go with. Luckily, you can check out this guide to see which material is right for you!


The most common fabric for pajamas in general, cotton pajama bottoms allow for breathability and comfort, and work the best in medium climates. This is because they're sure to not leave you feeling too hot or too cold, providing a comfortable happy medium. If comfort is your main concern, then you can't go wrong with a classic!


Are you known to get too cold during the night, even in warmer climates? Or, maybe winter is right around the corner and you're looking to make sure you can keep warm. Either way, you may be interested in perusing our collection of flannel pajama bottoms! While cotton is a fabric known for its breathability, flannel is known for the opposite, trapping heat within, making this thick material perfect for those of us who are a little sensitive to the cold. If flannel pajama bottoms are your bag and you want to go with the classic flannel look, check out this pair of Van Heusen Woven Flannel Sleep Pants to keep you stylish while you're keeping warm!


A more durable fabric, polyester is a strong material that also has a lightweight feel to it. This is a great pick for those who enjoy the strength of flannel, but are also looking for a lighter feel. Are you looking for something silky smooth to the touch for those warm summer nights, you can count on these Men's SONOMA Goods for Life™ French Terry Sleep Shorts to get the job done! You'll be sure to rest easy when you're wearing a pair of mens polyester pajama bottoms!

Complete The Look

Now that you've found the perfect pair of pajama bottoms, it's time to find the sleepwear items you need to bring your look - and comfort - full circle! Kohl's offers a great selection of comfy sleep shirts that will keep you cozy at night! Much like pajama bottoms, you can get different lengths based on your preference or the time of year, such as short sleeves and long sleeves.

When it comes to all of your sleepwear needs, Kohl's has what you need to get the sleep you deserve! Browse our selection of men's pajama bottoms, including pajamas made from material such as cotton, fleece, polyester, and flannel. With such a wide selection of sleepwear needs, such as pajama sets, robes, and sleep masks, it's safe to say that you can rest easy when you shop at Kohl's!

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