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Standing up to Inclement Weather

Keeping dry and looking your best

Not all coats are right for every situation. Your wool winter coat may not be as waterproof as you'd like. Your hoodie gets soaked easily, be can keep you warm otherwise. The overcoat for your favorite suit is an obvious no-go with your casual outfit. An umbrella could always be a viable option, but it's a lot of work to haul it around.

You might think it's an obvious necessity at this point, but you would be surprised how many people don't have a dedicated raincoat. Most people try to get their "all-in-one" coat for fall, winter, and spring. While that's not a bad idea, why not have a dedicated raincoat? They can do a whole lot more than you think. They're built with space in mind, meaning you can layer underneath for colder days. They can feature removable hoods, zipper pockets and fronts, varying degrees of water resistant and waterproof materials. They're versatile, but they're still specifically made to stand up to inclement weather, and that's a great thing.

The functional raincoat

Functional raincoats tend to have a much sportier look. They feature both hooded and hoodless designs, for the days when you need a light jacket but it's not raining. Functional coats tend to not prioritize fashion, but they can still feature some nice colors if you're adverse to gray and black.

The fashionable raincoat

When it comes to fashion coats, you tend to sacrifice usability for just looking good. Thankfully, you don't have to do that with a fashionable raincoat. These coats tend to echo staple coat designs, such as bigger collars and button up fronts. If you want a dedicated raincoat for your business outfits you can even snag a trench raincoat to cover more of your clothes from the rain.

Other coat styles to fit the occasion

At the end of the day, raincoats just can't be the end all be all. This is why you should remember to own more than a few coats! Whether you're looking for a classic look, something professional, or just downright stylish, you're in good hands with Kohl's!


When it comes to business professional style, you cannot go wrong with a solid overcoat. They have a timeless, noir look to them that can help you look brooding and cool. These coats often run thigh-length for decent leg coverage. They also feature a single or double breasted front, and occasionally a waist tie for a slimmer fit.

Overcoats pair well with subtle scarves for those brutal winter months. While they tend to have a square silhouette to them, these coats allow you to wear more layers underneath. Your suit shouldn't feel too snug underneath, and the extra fabric in the coat should ensure some extra freedom of movement.

Winter coats

Raincoats don't stand up to the icy elements well, and that's why winter coats are a must have. Whether it's a puffer or a fleece jacket, you can find just the right amount of warmth for most normal situations. If you're needing something tougher for harsher weather you'll want to look into a ski-style coat which can better stand up to higher wind. They might not be as fashionable but they should help take winter's bite down a few notches.

Puffer jackets are contemporary and trendy, which gives you the opportunity to stay fashionable while staying warm. You can find both hooded and hoodless varieties for some extra flexibility depending on your needs. For late fall and early spring you can add a puffer vest to your wardrobe to accomplish some sportier looks. Fleece jackets are a great option for spring and fall as well, since they'll keep you warm, but not be too heavy on your shoulders.

Ski coats are built to stand up to the worst winter can throw at you. On the worst days, you may have to bundle up with gloves and scarves, and maybe an extra layer. But the extra room underneath is great for days like this. These coats are built with movement in mind, so you won't have to worry about being uncomfortable.