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Men's Robes

When it comes to ways to destress, nothing compares to the snug feeling of slipping into a warm, cozy robe. There are many options for sleepwear, but the robe is an absolute classic not only for its comfortability, but also its laid-back style. Whether you're looking to start your morning off right or unwind after a long day at work, Kohl's has a great selection of men's robes to kick your feet up in.

Customize Your Comfort

When you shop at Kohl's, you can find a robe that fits you in more ways than just one! Choose from our selection of cotton robes, fleece robes, and more, all in a wide variety of options to pick from. If you're searching for the classic bathrobe experience, the most popular kind is the terry cloth robe due to its all-purpose nature. For example, terry cloth is very absorbent, making these robes perfect whether you're stepping out of the pool or stepping out of the shower. Check out our most popular terry cloth bathrobe here! In addition to the various styles and colors available, some bathrobes we have for sale come embroidered with a first initial, which can give your next pleasant night in a personal touch. Whatever kind of bathrobe you prefer with your morning coffee, it's safe to say that Kohl's has got you covered.

Looking to take a load off in the summertime, but worried a bathrobe will get too warm? Check out one of the lightweight robes we have available, perfect for those warm summer mornings. Allowing for some breathing room, this type of bathrobe is ideal for those of us who want to retain some mobility while feeling snug. Lightweight robes fit more occasions than other robes due to their thin nature, standing out as the ideal summertime choice.

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Complete the Look

What good is a robe without the full comfy ensemble? Take a look at a variety of slippers available to maximize your me-time. In addition to bringing your comfort level up, you can match your new pair of slip-ons with your robe to maintain your style. If you want to bring your comfort full circle, check out our sleep masks to treat yourself extra well for a luxurious night in!

Other Comfy Options

If you're searching for alternative men's sleepwear, Kohl's has a variety of men's pajamas to take a look at, no matter what your preferred way to relax is. Our selection of men's pajama sets are an easy, all-in-one way to keep you stylish like a bathrobe for those who would rather have a different sleepwear experience. You can check out a pajama set for men that include either long or short bottoms, depending on your preferred body temperature while you're winding down. Want to get creative with it? Shop our selection of men's pajama tops and bottoms to mix and match to your personality.

Are you looking for the snug feeling of a robe, but aren't interested in a clothing option? Kohl's has great choices for cozy throw blankets to give you a similarly snug experience. From trusted brands such as Madison Park, Better Living, and Thro, we're sure to have what you need to be snug in style!

No matter what your preferred way to kick back is, Kohl's has what you need when it comes to sleepwear. We'll make sure that you're cozy head to toe with our variety of options, syles, and colors! Be sure to check out our full selection of men's sleepwear to make your next night in one to remember!