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Men's Pajamas

A good night's sleep is important for anyone, and a great way to ensure you get the rest you need is to have some nice sleepwear in your corner! Kohl's offers several men's sleepwear options such as pajama sets, sleep tees, pajama bottoms, and robes. If you're not sure which option is right for you, never fear, check out the guide below to see what selection fits your needs! Browse across our assortment of sleepwear to get the most out of your rest time!

Pajama Sets

Looking for a way to keep your whole body warm while maintaining some consistency in your style? Your search may be over with Kohl's selection of pajama sets! A convenient way to stay cozy, pajama sets typically come with a sleep shirt and a matching pair of sleep pants. Browse our extensive lineup, whether you need short sleeves, long sleeves, shorts, or long pants! Are you one to get too cold on winter nights? Check out this Hanes Ultimate Plaid Flannel Pajama Set, sporting long sleeves and long pants in a classic plaid style that will never go out of style! Need something to wear in the summertime that won't get you too hot? No worries! Take a gander at the SONOMA Goods for Life Sleep Set, which comes in a slew of great colors and designs to fit your personal preferences!

Sleep Tees

Are you someone who likes to sleep in light layers? A sleep tee from our assortment of sleepwear may be just what you need! These t-shirts are specifically made for sleeping in, making them extra comfortable and breathable! Take a look at this CoolKeep Performance Sleep Tee that's sure to keep you cool, available in attractive colors such as ocean blue, navy, chiraz, and forest! Cool to the touch due to blends of polyester and spandex, these sleep tees are perfect for summer slumber!

Pajama Bottoms

If you're looking to keep your bottom half cozy during cold nights, or just enjoy the comfort of soft fabric, take a look at what Kohl's has to offer in pajama bottoms! Whether you want fleece or flannel, long pants or shorts, our wide selection is sure to have what you're looking for! While flannel is a thicker cotton fabric aiming to provide more warmth, fleece, made from polyester, gives off a "fluffier" feel, and puts the focus more on comfort. Do you want your pajamas to say a little bit about your personality and interests? Kohl's also has graphic pajama bottoms, featuring designs from pieces of pop culture such as Fortnite, Marvel, and Spongebob Squarepants. Feast your eyes on these hip Star Wars Lounge Pants to add some personality to bedtime. Keep yourself snug no matter the season with our selection of pajama bottoms!


If you're looking for the classiest option available, there's no question that a regal robe is just what you need! Warm, comfy, and absorbent, robes are perfect for if you're looking to have a relaxing night off or just getting out of the shower! You can even add a personal touch when you shop robes such as the Linum Home Textiles Turkish Cotton Terry Cloth Bathrobe, which offers the option to get your first initial on the front! Bring your "me time" to its full potential with the selection of robes at Kohl's!

When you shop with Kohl's for your men's sleepwear needs, you'll be able to rest easy with our wide array of options! Whether you're looking for a set of pajamas or a new robe, you'll get the sleep you need by finding the sleepwear that's just right to fit your needs.