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Socks for Men at Kohl's

Let Kohl's sock it to you: our supply of socks is stupendous, ranging from no-show socks just right for summer to athletic socks specially engineered for working out. Don't sweat it, fellahs, we've got the working man covered, too with dress socks for formalwear and keeping it real at the office. In addition, we've got novelty socks for the wacky days and holidays that call for some sock self-expression. Finally, we've got the big feet covered as well: big & tall socks from Kohl's provide more material and famous flexibility for the man with more foot. And you know what they say about men with big shoes: big socks. Read on to discover all Kohl's has to offer in the world of men's socks.

No-Show Socks for Men

Are hot days making you a no-show due to overheating? Cool it down, good man, Kohl's has got the sock solution for hot feet. No-show socks supply all the comfort and support of your favorite sock while laying so low that your shins and ankles breathe easy during the sweltering summer days. Slap on some sandals along with your new no-show socks.

Athletic Socks for Men

Keep it all together with athletic socks designed to keep up with your exercise regimen. Sport socks for athletic adventure offer solid support, flexibility and breathability. Kohl's cares about the bottom of your feet and all of your toes; this is why we offer such a strong selection of athletic socks. Whether weight lifting, running, biking or simply living life in the fast lane, Kohl's has the socks to soften the shock and awe of your workout. Jack up those sport socks and get running with athletic shoes from Kohl's.

Dress Socks for Men

It was Socrates who wisely suggested: "To find yourself, think for yourself." Kohl's completely concurs: to find yourself well-dressed, sock it to yourself in style. Ok, maybe our joke about socks rates a bit below the great Greek philosopher, who likely wore no socks, but you get the point. Dress socks for men will help you keep cool and comfortable during long meetings, planning sessions and after work philosophy sessions. Dress socks from Kohl's keep in mind another key Socrates quote: "The easiest and noblest way is not to be crushing others, but to be improving yourselves." Improve your foot health and appearance with dress socks from Kohl's. Philosophy lesson over (don't worry, no homework). For your next formal event, check out Kohl's for formal shoes, sure to please.

Novelty Socks for Men

Some socks are just super for special celebrations, holidays and theme days at the office. Support your favorite pastime, season or just be downright silly with some of our new novelty socks for men. Keep it clever, kooky or classic: either way, Kohl's has your feet covered for entertaining and for encouraging self-expression.

Big & Tall Socks for Men

Like they've always said: big feet, big sock. Tired of stretching out and ripping up those undersized socks made for mere mortals? Kohl's has the remedy to this Achilles heel: big and tall socks for men are available in a wide array of styles, featuring some of the top brands available. Enjoy comfort and support in the socks made to accommodate your extra length and width with Kohl's big and tall socks for men.