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Men’s Solid T-Shirts

Set the tone for your entire everyday wardrobe with a timeless, yet stylish men’s solid tee from Kohl’s! Perfect to wear on its own with a pair of jeans, as part of your active ensemble, or as a base layer to your multi-faceted, smart-casual combo, a solid men’s t-shirt is essential for any guy.

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How to Choose the Right T-Shirt for You

It’s easy for guys to fall into the idea that a t-shirt just has to feel right. While comfort does play a big role in choosing that perfect tee for your wardrobe, you’ll want to consider some other factors if you’re interested in making a solid men’s tee a part of your complete clothing collection.

  • Fit

As mentioned above, comfort does play a role in choosing the right tee. But fit, while similar and related to comfort, can elevate a t-shirt’s look and make it a stand-out piece in your wardrobe.

To choose a shirt that fits you properly, make sure the shoulder seams (the spot where the sleeves attach to the body) should ideally align precisely where your shoulder ends. Short-sleeved tees should have their sleeves hit above the elbow for a tailored look. As for length, be sure to choose a tee that can be tucked into your bottoms, but isn’t so long that it gets bunched up when untucked.

  • Neckline

Men’s t-shirts come in a couple popular neckline styles - crewneck and V-neck. Crewneck tees are the most popular and traditional when it comes to necklines. Crewnecks give the appearance of broad shoulders and balanced proportions. V-necks help elongate the neck, adding height for shorter individuals. But don’t go for a super deep “V”; a good rule of thumb is to ensure the point of the neck is no more than 3 inches from the collarbone.

  • Fabric

You can’t go wrong with a 100% cotton men’s t-shirt. This classic material is soft, keeps you cool, and is durable. Tees are available in fabric blends, usually consisting of cotton paired with polyester, which can also offer everyday comfort while wicking away moisture and resisting wrinkles.

  • Design/Color

Another factor to consider when choosing a tee is the actual look of the garment. When shopping for a tee that’s going to be a part of your smart-casual ensemble, look for solid tee in a variety of colors, or tees with timeless patterns (stripes or heathered appearances are popular picks). As for colors, choosing the right one depends primarily on your skin tone, as well as the other clothing options you intend to wear with it. A white t-shirt is classic, and pairs perfectly with jeans. Other ideal picks include navy blue, gray, green, purple, and more.

Graphic tees are also an option for your wardrobe, as they give some personality to your look. Graphic t-shirts can feature images that range from sports teams to rock bands, so the options are endless.

Shop Kohl’s for all your men’s apparel needs, starting with solid men’s t-shirts for any occasion! Men’s clothing from Kohl’s gets you ready for work, the gym, a night out with friends, or any other time and place you can think of!