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Men’s Suits

Dress to impress in men’s suits and suit separates from Kohl’s! No matter if you’re in need of a suit for your at-the-office wardrobe, or if you’re adding something to your formal collection for an upcoming special event like a wedding, Kohl’s has you covered from head to toe!

With options from brands you know, as well as fits and styles that cover a wide range of preferences - from on-trend looks that make a statement, to timeless styles that are always in fashion. So suit up with formal attire from Kohl’s, and look your best for any occasion!

Men’s Suit Style and Fit Guide

When shopping for that new suit, you’ll want to be sure to do your research ahead of time, learning about the different suit styles, fits, and designs offered. Gathering information before you shop can help you make the process of picking out the right suit for you much easier.

Let’s first take a look at the difference between suits and suit separates. Our selection of suits provides complete sets that come with all your suit essentials in one convenient package. Suits usually include a suit jacket and pair of suit pants. However, if you’re in need of just one part of the set, suit separates are right for you. In that assortment, you can purchase suit jackets, pants, and other individual pieces of formalwear to mix and match and build that ideal look for you.

Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty and take a look at the various fits and styles of men’s suits. The popular current on-trend suit fit is the slim-fit suit. Men’s slim-fit suits feature high arm holes in the jacket, a slightly narrow straight body, and pants with tapered leg openings. All these attributes give slim-fit suits a modern look that elevates your style.

The other popular fit when it comes to men’s suits is the classic fit. Men’s classic-fit suits feature jackets with relaxed arm holes, a regular body sizing, and dress pants with traditional leg openings. These features make classic-fit men’s suits perfectly suited for any occasion and promise they will never go out of style.

Slim-fit suit: for a modern look.

Classic-fit suit: timeless style for any occasion.

An important thing to note when shopping for men’s suits is that they traditionally some in nested sizing. This means that the size of the pants are directly related to the size of the suit jacket. It is important to view each suit’s product details to see what the drop is for each suit. This will give you the information you need to know which size suit to order. For example, if a suit has a six-inch drop, the pant waist size is determined by subtracting six inches from jacket size. If the suit you are potentially purchasing to wear has a size 40 regular jacket, the pants it comes with will feature a 34-inch waist.

Some suits also come with pants that have unfinished hems, allowing you to take your new suit into a tailor and get it properly sized to custom-fit your body.

We also offer men’s tuxedos for black-tie formal affairs. No matter what event you’re getting ready for, Kohl’s has the suit you need to look your best!

Men’s Dress Essentials

A suit is a must-have for dressy, formal events. To enhance the overall look, you’re going to want to add some men’s dress accessories to your look as well!

A must-have accessory for when wearing a men’s suit is a tie. Whether you prefer a traditional long tie, or a on-trend bow tie, we offer any men's tie you need to bring you look together. Another essential accessory that not only adds style to your look, but provides function as well, is a men’s belt.

You’ll also want to add men’s dress socks and men’s dress shoes to your collection, as they can add extra personality to your ensemble. Dress shoes and socks are available in all colors, so coordinating with your suit is simple. To finish off your look, pick up cufflinks, pocket squares, and other dress accessories that make your outfit stand out.

Get ready for your next formal occasion with men’s suits from Kohl’s! With all the popular fits, styles, and designs, our men’s formalwear collection has everything you need to look your best!