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Men's Sweaters

A timeless addition to any wardrobe, a men's sweater provides stylish sophistication to your look when the weather turns cold. The many different styles of sweaters allows for a unique look that matches your personal style and fashion sense.

Once a chill hits the air, it's time to gear up for sweater season. Whether you're looking for a casual or upgraded option, use the following information to help better decide which sweater is right for you.

Sweater styles

Each style of sweater offers its own personality and special look that gives your outfits a lift. All are versatile in their own way, and are sure to find their spot in your everyday wardrobe.


The crewneck sweater is likely the most popular men's sweater out there. It has a simple pullover design with a rounded neckline. You can easily layer a crewneck sweater over a button-down collared shirt.


Another popular pullover sweater is the V-neck sweater. The main difference between a crewneck sweater and a V-neck sweater is, not surprisingly, the neckline. While the crewneck option has a rounded neckline, the V-neck has a deeper cut neckline in the shape of a "V". V-neck sweaters can also be paired with a collared shirt, and can even accommodate a shirt and tie combo for an elevated ensemble.


This sweater offers a neckline that covers most, if not all, of the wearer's neck. This design makes turtleneck sweaters it's a bit more casual, and they can easily be paired with jeans or khaki pants. To elevate the look, wear the turtleneck under a blazer.

Shawl collar

An on-trend style, this type of sweater features a rolled neckline that forms a V-neck shape, but does not cover the neck as much as the turtleneck style. A shawl-collar sweater can also feature toggles or buttons that can be functional or just for style purposes.


The classic cardigan has an open front that can be fastened with buttons or toggles. This makes them perfect for layering with a dress shirt and tie.

Quarter or Half-zip

A modern, more athletic style featuring a high collar, these sweater styles are again ideal for layering with a collared shirt underneath.

Sweater fabrication

Depending on the warmth and softness you are looking for, as well as the budget you have to work with, you can find a sweater that is made of materials that are durable and comfortable that is sure to suit your style.

Here are some of the different types of sweater materials:

  • Cashmere
    • Cashmere sweaters are known for their maximum softness and unparalleled warmth. They can be pricey, but the quality of the material is sure to justify the cost.
  • Wool
    • The traditional sweater fabric, wool keeps you warm in any cold-weather situation. There are finer and thinner types of wool as well, like Merino wool, that make layering a breeze. Wool gets the stigma that it is itchy; this can be remedied by wearing a long-sleeve, button-down shirt underneath.
  • Synthetics/polyester blends
    • Offering stretch, comfort and a low cost, these types of sweaters are easy to find and are among the most popular sweater options.

Other men's essentials

To complete your look, be sure to find the perfect pair of jeans or pants. When layering your sweater style, a dress shirt can enhance and elevate the look. Finish off the ensemble with a classic pair of dress shoes.

With all these must-haves now in your wardrobe, you're sure to make a stylish statement at the office, on date night, or at any event where a smart-casual outfit is required.