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Tie Accessories

Spruce up your formal look with some tie accessories found at Kohl’s! Tie accessories include items like tie pins, tie clips, lapel pins, and more. These accessories take your already elevated look up to a whole new level!

Be sure to shop Kohl’s for all your formal essentials, including suit separates, dress shoes, dress shirts, and more. With a complete formal wardrobe found at Kohl’s, you’re all set to impress at work or any special event!

Features of Tie Accessories

Taking a look at the tie accessories available, you’re sure to see why you’ll be interested in adding them to your wardrobe.

Tie pins usually feature a small chain with a T-bar attached to it. The bar is placed in a buttonhole of your dress shirt, while the pin is stuck through the tie and attached to the chain, to keep the tie in place.

Tie bars (also known as tie clips) accomplish the same function as a tie pin, but use a simple clip mechanic to slide over your tie as well as your shirt placket to keep the tie securely in place.

Lapel pins aren’t specifically used alongside a tie, but do enhance your formal look. These pins are placed in the buttonhole on a suit coat’s lapel, and is simply a decorative element. You can usually see lapel pins on government officials in the shape and design of an American flag. But lapel pins come in a wide range of styles that suit any occasion with ease.

Other accessories to look for when decking out your formal ensemble include cufflinks, button studs, tie cases, and more.

Kohl’s is the place to find all your formal outfit essentials, including tie accessories that kick your look up a notch!