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Ties for Men

Complete your semi-formal or formal look with a selection from the assortment of men's ties at Kohl's. With classic looks, as well as trendy styles, Kohl's has all the ties for men you're looking for. Explore classic patterns and colors as well as more modern designs perfect for showing off your sense of style at meetings, weddings and other special events. Find solid ties, plaid, paisley and even more humorous options featuring favorite characters or hobbies.

Kohl's makes it easy for you to find the perfect tie for any occasion, even if you're new to the process of picking out a tie. For some men, it helps to search for ties made by their favorite brand, one that they know they already love. For others, searching by color may be their first step. If you're trying to match the color scheme at a special event like a wedding shower or if you know what colors work best with your skin tone, color is a great starting point. Style is another helpful way to narrow down the search for the perfect piece. And remember, gentlemen, to always check your jacket's lapels. A wide tie with a skinny lapel, or vice versa, can be distracting. The last thing you want when you give your important presentation is for the audience to be wondering what just doesn't feel right about your outfit.

Men's Dress Ties

For a timeless look, dress ties for men are perfect. Stride through your day with confidence, knowing that you'll look on-point,no matter the arena. From the board room to dining out, men's dress ties are at home just about anywhere. Plus, our large selection of dress ties for men means that you're sure to find just the right pattern and color to fit your personality. You'll find everything from boldly colored dress ties with asymmetrical patterns to more conservative, solid-color ties. Take your pick and show off your personality.

Skinny Ties

Make the most of one of the more exciting fashion trends, men's skinny ties. Skinny ties are great for men with a narrower torso. Whereas more traditional dress ties can appear excessively wide on a slender man, skinny ties tend to be a bit more proportional. Also, skinny ties are great for less formal environments. While perfectly acceptable at the office, skinny ties really thrive out in the nightlife. Change from your three-piece into your favorite blue jeans, and you're ready to meet your friends for a night out you won't soon forget.

Bow Ties

Bow ties are an absolute must for more formal, black-tie-optional events. This goes pretty much without saying. But, that's not the end all and be all for bow ties. Bow ties have gained prominence in thelast few years, tending to be viewed as dapper with a dash of daring. So don't limit yourself to weddings or prom. You can experiment with bowties in semi-formal situations, like work attire, as well. Some people even goes so far as to make it part of their regular look!


One of the easiest ways to shop for men's ties is to start with what sort of pattern you're looking for. Solids are often foundational for a classical look, plus they are great for coordinating with your date. Let your companion's evening dress really shine while accentuating its color. Stripes offer a look that harkens back to post Second World War men's fashion, but still feels contemporary today. Plaid ties offer another layer of depth and color to your look, while still being somewhat subdued. Floral ties have been making a comeback, and are a great way to add some airiness to your spring or summer outfit. You can even show off your favorite fandom or a bit of whimsy with one of our novelty ties.

Picking out the right men's tie to really capture how youwant to present yourself can be tricky at first. Once you practice a bit and get to know the process that works for you, it'll become second nature. You'll be able to hone in on a tie that simply feels right for you. Once you've mastered that technique, however, you'll still have a few decisions to really complete your look. Explore pocket square combos to help you add memorable flair to any blazer or suit jacket. Be sure to coordinate men's accessories like belts, hats and sunglasses, as well, to show off your signature style! Kohl's department stores have everything you need to put together your ideal outfit.