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Men's Undershirts

Build your wardrobe from the foundation up with men's undershirts from Kohl's. A simple undershirt can enhance the look and feel of any ensemble, offering supersoft comfort and just a hint of subtle styling. We feature all the brands and styles you expect from our wide assortment of men's tees, so you know you'll find an option you can trust. So get constructing that everyday outfit, starting with a men's undershirt!

Men's Undershirt Styles

Men's undershirts are available in three primary styles. Each style provides all-day comfort and style. It just comes down to your personal preference as to which one works best in your wardrobe!

The first style of men's undershirt is the crewneck tee. This style features the traditional, standard look of a t-shirt, as one would expect. The crewneck style of neckline offers a close fit around the neck, meaning it will show when wearing a polo, quarter-zip sweater, and more. These types of tees come in a variety of colors, but are typically seen in white, black, or gray. They are ideal for layering and are a must-have in any man's wardrobe.

The next popular style of men's undershirts is the V-neck tee. With many of the same features as crewneck tees, V-neck tees also offer ideal comfort and easy-to-wear styling. The biggest difference between crewneck and V-neck tees, of course, is the neckline. The V-neck style plunges a bit deeper on the neck, keeping the tee hidden when layered with other tops. This allows the outer shirt to shine, and hides the undershirt.


Sleeveless shirt with a slight scoopneck. Offers a lightweight underlayer that doesn't show beneath plackets or sleeves.

V-neck tee

Short-sleeved undershirt with a V-shaped neckline. Provides an unseen layer beneath plackets, as well as an additional barrier under arms.

Crewneck tee

Short-sleeved undershirt with a classic crew neckline. Prevents rubbing against your neck for button-down shirts, or peeks slightly over the placket for more casual looks.

Slim-fit styling

Tees with this style fit closer to the torso, preventing excess bulk when layering.

The last men's undershirt style we'll take a look at here is the tank top. Men's tank top undershirts provide the comfort you require, but offer the minimum amount of fabric. This ensures that you stay cool and comfortable, all while ensuring that your entire ensemble looks its best.

Men's Undershirts From Jockey, Fruit of the Loom, Hanes, and More

Once you've decided which style of undershirt is right for you, you can now take a look at the options provided by some of the most trusted brands in the business to help narrow your focus even further.

A trusted name in all of men's underwear, Hanes men's undershirts follow that trend. Their tagless design, durable construction, and soft feel promise they'll be in your collection for many years to come.

Another recognizable name in the world of undershirts is Fruit of the Loom. Their men's undershirt selection includes not just the typical tee styles, but also thermal underwear options for when the weather turns colder.

And brands like Jockey feature the undershirts you need for everyday wear, along with enhanced fabrics and technologies like StayDry and StayNew, ensuring that they remain just as comfortable and soft as the day you bought them.

With a collection of men's undershirts at your disposal, you're ready to build a solid wardrobe foundation for any occasion. The unmatched comfort offered by men's undershirts will keep you feeling your best. Not to mention that undershirts offer easy layering options that add subtle style to any look.

Add men's undershirts to you wardrobe, and be prepared to take on the day in style and comfort!