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Men's Underwear

We all know that when it comes to comfort in clothing, it's what's underneath that counts. That's why Kohl's has got you covered for all of your men's underwear needs! Shop across the brands you trust such as Hanes, adidas, Jockey, and Fruit of the Loom to ensure you're getting the quality clothing that you deserve. Not sure what style of underwear to go with? Take a gander at this handy guide on briefs, boxers, and boxer briefs to see which one is the right fit for you!


Also referred to as jockey shorts, briefs are a classic style of underwear that is known to provide the most amount of support. If you're worried or conscious of your underwear "bunching up" during the day, this is the style that has the most resistance to that happening, since there's less fabric to be bunched! Briefs also make use of elastic for the waistband and sometimes the leg holes, which allows for a lack of shifting about. If you're a frequent wearer of low-rise pants, such as jeans, these may be just the style of underwear that you're looking for!


On the other side of the spectrum, boxer shorts provide a much looser feel than briefs. This provides those with the personal preference of less tight underwear, while also allowing more breathability and airflow. This makes them an especially solid pick for sleeping in, since it's the least restrictive of the styles. Since they're not nearly as tight as briefs, this does allow for the possibility of them bunching up, so if that is a concern for you, you may want to look elsewhere for your underwear needs. However, if you want something more on the casual side that provides a loose, breathable atmosphere, then look no further!

Boxer Briefs

Ah, the age old question of "boxers or briefs?" has never had an answer as satisfying as this. The perfect case of a happy medium, boxer briefs enjoy the best of both worlds between - you guessed it - boxers and briefs. This style of underwear features tapered ends just like briefs, giving an ample amount of support, but are also looser and roomy like boxers. This provides the benefits of both, while neglecting the possible detractions in the process! For many people, it is their go-to underwear for physical activity. If you're stuck between whether to get boxers or briefs, you may want to look into buying a pair of boxer briefs!


Now that you know what you're most comfortable with as bottoms, it's time to look at some tops! Whether you're a tank top guy or looking for just a regular white undershirt, Kohl's has a wide selection of tops to wear under your clothes for any occasion. Feel free to pick up multi-packs of plain white tees to make shopping easy, such as the Men's Hanes Classics 6-pk. ComfortSoft Tees, or if the v-neck is more of your style, you can take a look at the v-neck version as well!

When it comes to men's underwear, it's safe to say that Kohl's selection is sure to have you covered! Peruse among compression, moisture-wicking and other styles of men's underwear to find what you need for tough workouts, or take a look at thermal underwear for cold commutes or snowy adventures. Kohl's has everything you need to build your wardrobe from the ground up. Get back to basics with men's underwear from Kohl's, and start your wardrobe off right!