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The century-old Van Heusen legacy goes back to 1881 in Pottsville, PennsylVania where Endel Phillips and her daughters created hand-sewn shirts to outfit men who worked in nearby coal mines. Husband Moses and son Isaac soon sold Endel's shirts, which quickly became highly sought after by local coal miners. As business boomed, the family extended their venture to New York City.

Enter van Heusen

In 1919, John Manning van Heusen patented a process that created a comfortable soft-folding collar that maintained a formal stiff-collar look. Isaac Phillips met Van Heusen in New York and, soon after, van Heusen's inventive collar combined with Endel Phillip's original design to create the classic style that's vaulted Van Heusen into forefront of men's formalwear.

Formalwear forward with Van Heusen

Today, Van Heusen leads the frontiers of men's formalwear forward with innovative design, melding modern technology and flexible fabric for formalwear that fits and feels great for all day wear. For recent fashion-forward adaptations, check out our Never-Tuck Shirts and the Flex Collection. Read on for the full line of Van Heusen for men at Kohl's.

New: Never-Tuck Shirts for Men

What's new? We no longer need to be uncomfortable to look good in the boardroom. Gentlemen, untuck your Van Heusens. That's right: men's formalwear just got cooler. Untuck and look good doing it in new never-tuck shirts for men from Van Heusen. All the style, all the class and all the panache, with none of the discomfort. Let loose, good sir, you'll be looking dapper and debonair, despite (or because of) the freedom from the tyranny of belts.

Flex Collection for Men

Freedom! Flex collection for men from Van Heusen formally sets you free from your formerly inflexible fabric of starched collars and fussy fancy pants. Move with full range of motion from your desk to the printer, heck jog to your car for your forgotten coffee cup. In the flex collection for men from Van Heusen, you'll be fixing to flex your corporate muscles, both literally and figuratively. Finally, formalwear you don't hasten to remove upon arriving home: you may find yourself on the couch cozying up with that textile documentary before're still in your work pants!

Van Heusen Button-Down Shirts for Men

You can't beat the button-down style brought to you by Van Heusen's shirts for men. As iconic as the working man himself, Van Heusen button-down shirts bring together the classic workday ensemble like none other. Need to nail the interview or presentation at work? Want to cut an impressive figure at the wedding? Neatly tie the knot now with an ample array of ties at Kohl's.

Van Heusen Pants for Men

Pair Van Heusen pants with a crisp and comfortable Van Heusen button-down shirt and tie for the clean, classic corporate look, sure to cast eyes in your direction. Peruse pants aplenty at Kohl's, perfect to pair of a bevy of Van Heusen belts set to match your new digs.

Van Heusen Suit Separates for Men

Game on, gentlemen. Sometimes you simply need to suit up. Rise to the occasion in a smart suit from Van Heusen, sure to make you stand out in the crowd. Put together the look that completes your most handsome self. Take it to the next level with one of our terrific Van Heusen ties at Kohl's.