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With countless types of shoes that aren't going out of style anytime soon, Vans has solidified their place as one of America's most prominent clothing companies for good reason. Starting out as a skate shoe company, they've risen to prominence with their versatile and stylish shoes, making their way into casual everyday wear! Whether you're going for a walk or ready to hit up the skate park, when you have a sleek new pair of Vans shoes, you can bet that you'll be prepared. Shop across Kohl's selection of Vans shoes including skate shoes, slip-on shoes, hi-tops, low tops, and more!

Slip-On Shoes

For those of us looking for a pair of shoes more on the casual side of things, we can rest easy knowing that Vans has a pair of slip-on shoes just for us! If you want to sport a look that helped put Vans on the radar, check out this classic pair of Vans Asher Checker Skate Shoes in their signature black and creme checker design! If you want to switch it up a bit, you can also choose the colors of aqua haze white or princess blue white! A great addition to anyone's casual attire, these slip-ons are perfect for lounging in with their style and comfort!

Authentic Skate Shoes

Now, this one's for the skaters, and also for everyone else. Part of the simple beauty of these shoes, Vans' authentic skate shoes are a common go-to all-purpose shoe for good reason! Designed for the purpose of skating, these durable kicks have great traction that makes them perfect for any occasion! These shoes expose more of the foot than most other shoes, be sure to pick up some No-Show Socks to go along with them! Choose between a slew of great colors such as pewter white, oxblood white, and navy! Say hello to your new go-to pair with the shoe that started it all! Are you into the checkerboard look of the slip-ons but want something more durable? Fear not, because with this pair of Vans Doheny Men's Checkerboard Skate Shoes, you can have the best of both worlds! Browse between the classic black and white checkers, vibrant yellow and white, and black pewter!

Hi-Top vs. Low Top

For many shoe styles that Vans offers, there is an option of either getting them in a hi-top and a low top style. The main difference between the two, as the name suggests, is that hi-top shoes cover more of your leg, going up to your ankle, while low top shoes typically cover only your foot. It was originally designed so athletes, in this case skaters, would be less likely to twist their ankles while performing. If you're not looking to be active in your fresh new kicks and just need something to wear when you're out and about, then it all just comes down to taste and preference! One of their most popular options in hi-top shoes, take a look at a pair of Vans Ward Hi Men's Suede Skate Shoes to see if switching to a hi-top shoe is the right move for you!

The selection of Vans shoes for men at Kohl's features a wide array of footwear that's sure to fit any occasion, whether you're looking to replace your old skate shoes or just need a new option for your casual wardrobe. Whether you're more interested in the comfy casual slip-on shoes available, the classic skate shoe they made their name with, or the modern hi-tops, Kohl's has just what you're looking for! Vans are one of the top brands for a reason, providing comfort, style, and universally recognizable designs that are sure to keep you looking fresh!