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Benefits of the Vest

Vests have held a special place in men’s fashion for a long time. The dress vest made its way into casual fashion in recent years, and the fleece vest has been co-opted by the athleisure movement and dads alike. As with most clothing items, the question is: “what do I need this to accomplish?” When it comes to vests, a few things need to be considered: are you going for style, functionality, or performance? Vest styles can be loosely organized into these categories, with sweater and dress vests being stylish, puffer vests are functional with some fleece vests overlapping with function and performance.

Below is a guide to the different vest types and what they’re good at accomplishing.

Types of Vests

Sweater Vests

Sweater vests had a reputation of being old-timey dad-fashion. Thankfully, in recent years fashion created new avenues to modernize the sweater vest. When it comes to choosing the right sweater vest for you, consider the fit and the fabric they’re made with. Some fabrics are going to cling and others will maintain their shape. With this in mind, also find the right color for you. Neutrals plus a rich color are definitely a great choice if you want to look sharp.

Dress Vests

When you need to look good, where do you go first? Perhaps you do your hair, trim your beard, or find your favorite button down. If you’ve ever felt like your usual go-tos aren’t enough, you might need to broaden your horizons. The next logical step is to add a vest to your wardrobe. The vest is a wonderful thing. It’s slimming, casts a unique silhouette, and is supremely comfortable to wear. Dress vests impart a sense of prestige and style unmatched by other outfits. If worn well, it can be a show stopper, and if paired with the right accessories and outerwear you can take things to a whole new level.

Fleece Vests

Fleece vests are functional marvels. Warm but not too heavy, they’re made for men on the go. A fleece vest is perfect for warding off creeping chills when you’re out for a run, keeping warm around the house, and changing up your usual spring and fall looks. By far the best perk of a fleece vest is they’re the best option for running quick errands when a jacket is just too warm or cumbersome.

Puffer Vests

Puffer variants are an interesting evolution of the vest. They blend the insulating warmth of a winter jacket with the light versatility of a vest. These vests are certainly bulkier than a typical vest, and they’re meant to be the definitive outerwear for the fall to winter shift. Kohl’s offers a decent selection of puffer vests, many of which can be found with your favorite college sports team’s logo.