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The Wide World of Wide Shoes for Men

We like wide shoes and we cannot lie: But, you may ask, must one pay more for more shoe? Far from it: Kohl’s full complement of Wide Shoes for Men is expansive, not expensive. Whether you’re looking for wide-width athletic running shoes, casual shoes for kicking back, formal shoes for special events or everyday work shoes, you can’t deny that Kohl’s has got an ample array of wide shoes. Sift our wide selection of flexible, supportive socks to go with your new pair of shoes.

Wide Athletic Shoes for Men

Widely understood by walkers, runners, hoopsters and hikers, Kohl’s website is a welcome haven of wide athletic shoes and sneakers for men of all shapes and sizes. Comfort and flexibility is essential to any good workout and you’ll be widely smiling each mile in Kohl’s collection of athletic shoes and sneakers for men. Don’t sweat (ok, do sweat, we want you to get a good workout) it, Kohl’s has got your wide feet covered. Run, don’t walk to browse Kohl’s and widen your workout parameters! Keep comfortable and supported with our stellar selection of socks at Kohl’s.

Wide Casual Shoes for Men

When wandering and winding your way along the beach or trail, it’s wonderful to be wearing wide shoes for men that fit just right for casual events. Easy on and off make our wide casual shoes for men just right for kicking back around the house, too. Nevermind those narrow-minded shoes, we’ve got the width you need for feet to feel good. C’mon to Kohl’s for a warm welcome of wide width footwear. Put together the entire enchilada with our super selection of socks at Kohl’s.

Wide Dress Shoes for Men

You’ve searched far and wide for dress shoes with width to spare: search no more, for Kohl’s has wide dress shoes for men as far as your eye can see. Gotta stay comfortable for that long wedding, graduation or other formal event: we’ve widen our perspective to ensure your comfort, good sir. Sift through Kohl’s wide dress shoes for men: it’s a shoe-in that you find a fine pair. Link up your whole ensemble with some socks, so smooth and debonair, for the next elegant affair.

Wide Work and Safety Shoes for Men

Safety and performance are job one on the worksite: don’t let discomfort compromise your ability to do your work. Kohl’s has a solid selection of wide work and safety shoes for men, here to give you one less thing to worry about during the workday. From steel toed shoes and boots to super supportive sneakers, wide shoes for work will fit your feet like a dream. Now, if only that dream meant more vacation time...well, it’s up to you to set your schedule, but count on Kohl’s mind your feet for comfort and flexibility.

Extra Wide Shoes for Men

Wide not wide enough for you? We’ve got extra wide waiting for you, good sir. Take a gander at our selection of extra wide shoes for men, in a...wait for it...wide variety of styles and colors.