Men's Winter Coats

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Men's Winter Coats

Is it time to replace last year's winter jacket for the upcoming season? If so, look no further than Kohl's selection of men's winter coats! We have a wide array to shop from to make sure that you keep warm this winter in style! With various different types of coats to choose from, such as fleece jackets, vests, and wool coats, it's no doubt that you'll be able to find the coat to fit your personal needs!

Dress Coats

Have a formal gathering to attend in low temperatures, but worried that your winter jacket will be a step down from the usual suit and tie? Fret not, because our lineup of dress coats will have you looking your best while staying cozy! Choose from our dressier styles of jackets, including our slew of overcoats, that are sure to keep you spiffy.

If you're looking for that classic men's fashion look that is sure to bring some class to your winter wardrobe, you can count on one of our overcoats. These button-down coats have a nice weight to them to keep your body temperature up, while sporting a fashionable, classic style that's unmistakable. Looking to go all-in on the warmth? Sift through our selection of wool coats, providing maximum comfort and coziness without sacrificing your swagger.

Active Coats

Trying to be a little more on-the-go this winter? Kohl's has got you covered. Shop our selection of jackets that are more lightweight than your typical coat and are perfect for any activity you're up to when the temperature starts to drop. You can raise your winter look to a new level while going for a brisk jog in a Levi's Colorblock Taslan Jacket, or go for a sporty look with a Franchise Club Elite Windshell Pullover. No matter what you plan on doing outdoors during colder climates, our selection of men's active coats makes shopping a walk in the park.

Fleece Jackets

Providing a nice lightweight feel, fleece jackets are a breathable option for your winter outfit. A fashion trend that hit its peak in the 80's, rocking a fleece coat can give you a retro look while making sure you're still warm throughout the season with its insulated fabric. With various designs and colors available, it's clear to see the appeal of the fleece jacket.


Maybe you want to keep your core warm, while making sure you still have as much arm mobility as possible. The easy answer for you is to take a gander at our lineup of men's vests! Whether you want to go with the classic sweater vest that goes great worn over any dress shirt and tie or the more sleek, modern puffer vest, we'll have you rocking a distinct look that aligns with your priorities. Puffer vests are the preferred option for activewear, impressively lightweight while still trapping and maintaining a stable body temperature. However, if maximum warmth is your bag, a sweater vest could be just what you're searching for.

You can shop with Kohl's for any of your winter outerwear needs! Pick out a new pair of winter boots, the perfect companion for a new jacket, that will keep your feet warm when you need them to! Our wide assortment of men's coats makes it easy to find the perfect addition to your everyday winter ensemble!