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Metal Detectors

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How Does a Metal Detector Work?

Before you even begin your search for treasure, you’re likely to want to understand just how metal detectors work in the first place!

Metal detectors send an electromagnetic field from the search coil at the bottom of the detector into the ground. Metal objects within that field become energized, sending back an electromagnetic field of their own. The detector’s search coil receives that retransmission, and alerts the user that a target has been located.

Metal Detector Tips for Beginners

So, you’ve just become interested in metal detectors, but are unsure how to start. Here are a couple tips for beginners, sure to get you finding interesting items in no time!

Of course, the first thing to do is to read your new metal detector’s user manual to get a better idea of what functions and features are offered by your device.

Once you get a hang of understanding how your metal detector works, head to a local park that offers a kids’ playground area. Be sure the playground area offers a sand or wood chip surface - this is a place that is likely to offer a few coins or other metal objects that you can practice finding with ease.

Take your metal detector and use a level, steady swing of the device over the surface, keeping the search coil head flat. You’ll be able to get a feel for how your device works, how the signals sound, and just some hands-on practice that will help you become a more confident treasure hunter!

Features of Metal Detectors

Certain features of metal detectors are sure to make them even more helpful as you go about your search for exciting discoveries. For example, some metal detectors feature built-in modes and detection settings that focus on specific objects like jewelry, coins, relics, and any type of metals.

The size of the coil is another important feature to consider. In simple terms, the larger a search coil is, the deeper into the ground it can detect metal. So take into account what types of metal you’re looking for, and at what depths these items are likely to be found, before choosing a detector.

Other Factors to Consider when Metal Detecting

Once you’ve got your metal detector picked out, and your initial practice runs complete, you’re set to head out and look for that special find that will provide you with a lifetime of memories!

Be sure you’re dressed properly for the job, being aware of the conditions and weather at the location you’re hunting. If you’ll be trekking through tall grasses, make sure to wear comfortable long pants that protect your legs from insects and harmful plants. Wear a floppy hat with a wide brim if you’ll be out in the sun for long periods of time. A comfortable, supportive pair of hiking shoes or boots are a good idea, too, as you’ll be walking and spending most of the day on your feet. And don’t forget a pair of gloves, which will protect your hands when digging through the sand or dirt when you detect metal!

Lastly, be sure you’re aware of any laws and regulations in place at the areas in which you plan on metal detecting. Places like national parks, protected lands, private lands, and more are likely to, at the very least, require permission from authorities to do any metal detecting. So before heading out, call ahead and check with local authorities to ensure you’re following the law. Penalties for unauthorized removal of artifacts from protected areas can be harsh, and may include heavy fines and jail time.

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