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Modern Rugs

Keep up with the times and the trending styles by adding a modern rug from Kohl’s to your home’s decor! With patterns and colors that reflect this on-trend style, mid-century modern rugs can elevate your space with ease, and offer comfort and welcoming vibes to any room of your home.

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How to Style a Home with Mid-Century Modern Rugs & Decor

Mid-century modern rugs come in many different styles, offering a wide range of colors and patterns that offer diverse looks and versatility. These rugs can also pair and coordinate with other decor you wish to add to your home, and will help give you a total overall ambience that will welcome guests with ease.

First off, what is “mid-century modern”? Well, it’s a design style that offers not only function, but also minimalist style. It provides sleek, linear style that can also feature organic and geometric accents, but really sticks to the uncluttered look that sets it apart from other design philosophies.

So how do rugs fit into this design style? Mid-century modern rugs offer many of the same attributes as other pieces in the trend. For example, look for mid-century modern rugs that provide details like starbursts, geometric shapes, clean linear patterns, and rugs inspired by modern art.

Color options for mid-century modern rugs run a wide spectrum. You can find options within mid-century modern decorative rugs that feature colors that range from neutral to bold, as well as ones that use black and white. So no matter what your home’s color palette is, you’re sure to find mid-century modern rugs and decor that coordinate with it.

Along with the rugs, you can find plenty of other mid-century modern decor that will round out the total look of your home. From wall decor to window treatments, accent tables to furniture, Kohl’s offers all the essentials you need to create a mid-century modern ambience that will offer an inviting and welcoming atmosphere. Shop Kohl’s for all your home decor, no matter your favorite trend, and get decorating in style!