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Mid-Century Modern Home Decor and Furniture

If you're trying to picture the Mid-Century modern style, all you need to do is think of the TV show Mad Men. As the name implies, this design aesthetic came to be during the 1940s-60s. This style has a classic, understated look, with clean lines and key recognizable pieces. Kohl's has everything you need to outfit your home with Mid Century modern decor and furniture!

Mid Century modern furniture is recognized by clean lines and organic curves. The Noguchi® Table or the Egg™ Chair are perfect examples of the Mid Century style. These Mid Century modern dressers are perfect for bringing the Mid Century modern aesthetic into your bedroom. To get started with switching your current decor to a Mid Century modern style, start with Mid Century modern lamps. Introduce more dramatic colors, like burnt sage, orange, and rust for a very deliberate Mid Century modern look. Before you know it, you'll have the quintessential Mid Century modern home!

Let Kohl's be your destination for the best Mid Century modern decor and furniture!