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Learning and Playing with Pretend Money

One of the most important skills in navigating life is financial skills. That's why it's important to teach your children about money and finances from a young age. Parents can be the number one influence on their children's financial behaviors.

The first way to introduce your child to money is by letting them play with pretend money. While they play grocery store or shopping, use toy cash registers and play kid's money to help them understand the transaction of exchanging money for goods. Our selection includes great Learning Resources toys for pretend play.

As your child reaches school age, one thing they may encounter is classroom money programs. Some teachers use classroom money as both a motivator and a way for children to practice their math skills. By this age, your child may be earning real money at home for chores or other such things. A kid's ATM machine is a great way to store saved money and helped them understand the real-world experience of making a withdrawal from their account.

Set your child up for financial success with pretend money & toys from Kohl's!