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Musical Instruments for Children

Learning a musical instrument has a host of benefits for children. It can enhance memory, develop confidence, and strengthen discipline in addition to much more. But beyond all of that, learning and playing an instrument is simply fun! Kohl's has a huge assortment of musical instruments and toys that your kid will love!

Whether you have a baby that is exploring music for the first time or a kid that's dying to start their own band, we have all the children's electronic musical instruments you need. Your little one will enjoy singing along to their favorite Disney movies with these Disney kid's musical instruments. We also have FAO Schwartz musical instruments. You can mix together your own beats with the FAO Schwartz Electronic DJ Mat. Or get your child started on a musical path with the gift of a guitar or kid's drum set. Since music is timeless, going back farther than we know, learning a musical instrument as a child is an investment into a lifetime of benefits.

No matter their age or what kind of music they enjoy, Kohl's has the right assortment of musical instruments to get your child learning and having fun!