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New Balance Shoes

Less than fifty years ago, New Balance had just six full-time workers crafting 20-30 pairs of shoes per day. The goal was to supply the best orthopedic shoes for runners, walkers and workers of all widths. New Balance has grown into a world leader in shoe production and continues their tradition today, supplying shoes sure to provide supportive steps for women, men and children as they walk and run the earth. Enjoy the incredible attention to detail revealed in each and every New Balance shoe.

New Balance Shoes for Women

Take to the trail, step to the streets or stroll down the hall: whichever direction you choose, New Balance has the shoes to fit her versatile lifestyle. Whether she's on the run training for a triathlon, chasing children through the daily routine or simply lacing up for another rewarding day at the office, New Balance is ready for your comfort. Renowned for supportive construction and stability, New Balance shoes from Kohl's will fit her feet for future fun, challenges and adventure. Before browsing, be sure to reference the handy size chart, including width accommodations. In addition, take a peek at the stylish line of New Balance Clothing.

New Balance Shoes for Men

New Balance provides equilibrium to your day, gentlemen. Maintain optimal stability throughout your workday, keeping up with the kids or your workout; either way, Kohl's has you covered with multiple models of New Balance's fleet of athletic sneakers. Enjoy New Balance's famous comfort and accommodation of foot width to ensure all-day maneuverability. Increased width, in and of itself is not a solution to your foot's flexibility; however, width option means more possibilities for comfort and freedom of movement throughout his busy day. Before browsing, be sure to reference the handy size chart, including width accommodations. Add to your running arsenal with Kohl's selection of New Balance Clothing.

New Balance Shoes for Kids

Outfit your young runner in the finest footwear anywhere: New Balance shoes for kids can meet the challenge of keeping up with the growing greatness of childhood. New Balance brings the best of both worlds: style and substance, together. New Balance shoes for kids are bright, eye-catching, cool and full of personality. Fret not, concerned parents: New Balance shoes for kids are also designed with orthopedic consideration for each child's developing feet. This means New Balance shoes for kids will keep your child exploring in comfort and developmentally appropriate support, all while looking good.

New Balance Running Shoes

New Balance has long been leaders in the world of running shoes. New Balance touts its running shoes as being "designed for advanced stability and constructed with high-quality comfort technologies." This attention to stability and comfort has not escaped notice of world leaders: New Balance running shoes have graced the feet of multiple U.S. Presidents. Having said that, you need not be in a position of power or influence to sport such spectacular sneakers. New Balance running shoes are ideal for anyone, from weekend runners to the daily devotees. Run a mile in our shoes and you'll feel the difference: New Balance running shoes consistently provide the support and comfortability craved by runners throughout the world. Multiple awards attest to the power and influence of New Balance running shoes: wearing them won't necessarily get you elected, but you'll certainly earn a vote of confidence from your feet. Run with the newest styles at Kohl's by browsing New Balance Clothing.


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