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Nike Shoes for Kids

Nike knows no better way to keep kids moving: good shoes mean good times! Kohl's cares and concurs: fine footwear means fun for fellahs and gals grinning through the thoroughfare. Confer with Kohl's collection of new Nike shoes for boys, girls and children of all ages. What's readily available: the latest styles from swoosh city, including athletic sneakers and sandals for toddler-age all the way up to size 7 for boys and girls. Take a shine to our shoes, shop Kohl's to find all of the Nike necessary to keep your child running. Be sure to shop all Kid clothing at Kohl's for nice attire of all kinds for your Nike newbie.

Nike Shoes for Boys

For boys from William to, to play is the thing: Nike noticed and designed shoes certain to ensure that his show goes on. Nike's full complement of athletic sneakers in a dazzling array of styles and colors, along with world-class performance and construction are available at Kohl's. Lace up, velcro or a little of both: Kohl's has got Nike knots for your boy to untie and straps to pull apart. There's no slowing him down, so you might as well equip his feet in the finest Nike's available. Shop all Kid clothing at Kohl's for everything your boy needs to roam the earth in style.

Nike Shoes for Girls

There she goes again, chasing down the lane: the girl in your life just can't be contained. Ensure her feet feel happy and healthy in neat Nike athletic shoes and sneakers from Kohl's. As she goes racing through the rain, catching the last rays of sun that remain, be certain her shoes share her enthusiasm for exploration: Nike knows how important each step is to the active girl. Gear her up at Kohl's in the nicest Nikes nearby, featuring high-performance, supportive sneakers and shoes for you young go-getter. Shop all Kid clothing at Kohl's to outfit your girl for her next grand adventure.

Nike Shoes for Toddlers

All told, your toddler takes more steps but covers less distance than your adult feet; it's for this reason that your toddler needs Nike shoes to take him or her to the next level. All those little steps add up to one big truth: shoes are important for toddler feet and Kohl's has all the Nike footwear your youngster needs to just do it right. From supportive sneakers to strap-on velcro shoes, Kohl's has your toddler covered. Shop all Kid clothing at Kohl's to take care of the entire toddler ensemble.

Nike Sandals for Kids

Fun in the sun is the child's life optimized for the real world. Make sure your youngsters feet are supported in sporty, breathable footwear from Nike. Kohl's keeps the beach party going with a great gaggle of grin-gathering Nike-made sandals for the endless summer days. Ideal for glowing sun and ensuring growing feet from Santa Cruz to Trestle are ready to catch a wave. Supportive sandals are effective for use on sidewalks, trails and playgrounds all over Surfin' U.S.A. Shop all Kid clothing at Kohl's for ideas to mix, match and pair with those Nike sandals.