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Ninja Coffee Makers

Looking for the right tool to get you ready for the daily grind? Then pick up a Ninja coffee maker, and get prepared to enjoy some of the best tasting coffee you’ve ever had! From traditional programmable drip coffee makers, to the most advanced machines available that brew both hot and cold brewed coffee, Kohl’s offers just the tool you need to start your day off right!

Ninja coffee makers offer plenty of features that ensure the cup of coffee you pour is just the way you like it. Custom Brew Technology allows you to brew coffee in several different strengths. Removable water reservoirs allow for quick and easy cleaning. Permanent filters mean no messing with or buying flimsy traditional disposal filters.

The more advanced Ninja coffee makers can brew both cold and hot beverages. Different sensors can detect when the brewing basket is in place, and displays coffee or tea drink options for you to choose from. Even a fold-away milk frother can be found as part of some Ninja coffee makers, for added appeal.