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Non-Slip Shoe Guide

Falling in slippery environments that have wet or greasy floors can not only be embarrassing but dangerous as well. Non-slip shoes are equipped to provide all-day comfort and give you confidence on a range of surfaces. Not only are they ideal footwear in work environments, but they're just as important for all manners of sports and outdoor activities. Getting the right pair of slip-resistant shoes will help minimize the risk of accidents wherever you go.

What are Non-slip Shoes?

If you're constantly on your feet or work in wet environments, non-slip shoes are for you. This special type of shoe helps to reduce slips and falls due to their superior traction outsole. In general, the bottom of non-slip shoes has a slip-resistant grip on the tread of the shoes to keep the wearer from sliding on wet and greasy surfaces. Other shoes may have a flex-channel rubber outsole with a specially designed lug pattern for maximum slip resistance.

Employees from the following industries typically benefit the most from these shoes:

  • Foodservice
  • Health care
  • Construction

Is There a Difference Between Non-slip and Slip Resistant?

Both types of footwear are designed to minimize the chances of slipping and falling on slippery surfaces. And while there isn't too much of a noticeable difference between the two, they both have specially designed traction soles to prevent you from sliding around. The more grooves you have on your shoes, the less likely you are to slip. Additionally, the shape of the patterns on the bottom of your shoe can affect your grip. Opt for rubber outsoles for superior traction on oily or wet surfaces.

Non-slip Shoes for Work

Everyone has different preferences and needs when it comes to their shoes. So whether you need slip-on, clogs, or lace-up shoes, you'll find a wide variety of work-specific and casual styles to get you through the day.


Non-Slip Athletic Shoes

Featuring step in memory foam for added comfort, these shoes combine a refined sporty style and all-day protection. You're sure to enjoy the style and function for work or casual wear.

Non-Slip Boots

Built to last, these boots deliver durable comfort and support. Choose waterproof leather and insulation to keep your feet dry and warm so that you can focus on the job at hand.

Non-Slip Loafers

Looking for non-slip shoes that you can wear to the office or out on the town? Featuring a memory foam insole, men's loafers offer award-winning style.


Non-Slip Safety Shoes

Work has never felt so good once you wear lightweight, shock-absorbing safety shoes. With mesh fabric uppers that keep you cool, you'll have the comfort and support you need whether you're at work or on the go.

Non-Slip Active Shoes

Keep the jump in your step with active shoes. These shoes are ideal for maximized comfort and safety while you're on your feet all day. Enjoy the benefits of leather uppers and mesh lining for breathability and support.

Non-Slip Clogs and Mules

Clogs offer a combination of comfort, grip, and versatility. And you don't just have to wear clogs to work. Check out our large selection of Crocs clogs that are perfect for any occasion and are available for the whole family.

Non-slip shoes from Kohl's are perfect for protecting you and your feet all day long. And you don't have to trade style for safety. Find the brands you love and the features you need to take your look to the next level. Shop Kohl's for your shoe and apparel essentials!