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Christmas Ornaments

No Christmas tree is complete without a collection of festive ornaments hanging on its branches! And you’re sure to find just the Christmas ornaments you’re looking for at Kohl’s! No matter which style of ornament you’re in search of - classic, novelty, collectable, and more - Kohl’s has plenty to choose from.

When decorating your home for the holidays, make Kohl’s your first, last, and only stop for festive home decor! With plenty of items available, including artificial Christmas trees, lights, candles, and more, we’re sure to have all the essentials needed to turn your house into a home for the holidays!

Types of Christmas Ornaments

As mentioned before, Christmas ornaments are available in many different styles and designs. Since people decorate for the holidays in many ways, it makes sense that ornaments come in a wide range of themes. Let’s take a look at several of the most popular ornament styles out there!

  • Ball Ornaments

This type of ornament is one of the more traditional and popular styles around. Ball ornaments can come in many different colors and materials, including clear glass, and are also available in sets that can offer a way to set a base for the entire look of your tree.

  • Shape Ornaments

To add extra personality to your Christmas tree, mix in some shaped ornaments! Available in many different materials, shaped ornaments come in seasonal designs that bring out the feel of the season, including icicles, snowflakes, and more.

  • Keepsake Ornaments

Keepsake ornaments are ones that can mark an important event that occured in the year, can celebrate family’s favorite movies, and recognize other notable occasions and moments. Hallmark is the most well-known brand that offers keepsake ornaments, and they are available at Kohl’s!

  • DIY Ornaments

If you are looking for something specific to add to your tree, why not make the ornament yourself? All you’ll need are the materials you’re looking for and an imaginative design. Put it together, and voila! You have yourself and brand-new decoration to add to the tree!

How to Hang Ornaments on the Tree

When you’re all set to put ornaments on the Christmas tree, take a few things into consideration so that your decor looks its best.

Hang heavier ornaments on lower branches, or closer to where branches meet the trunk of the tree. This is especially important when using a live tree in your home, as some of the smaller branches offer less in the way of support and sturdiness.

Aim for balance when placing ornaments on the tree. A guide to follow is to hang 10 ornaments for every foot of tree height. But you can do less ornaments for a minimalist look, or more for a tree that’s bursting with holiday spirit!

Fragile and delicate ornaments are best placed at the top of the tree, so they are out of reach if children and pets are part of your home. The same goes for edible ornaments or decor you put on the tree (for example, popcorn and candy canes).

Shop Kohl’s for all your holiday decor needs, including a wide range of Christmas ornaments! No matter the theme you’re looking for, the style you’re fond of, and the material you’re searching for, Kohl’s has the decorations you need to make your home feel festive and welcoming this holiday season!