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Looking to spruce up your outdoor oasis? Changing your cushions is a simple and cost-effective way to give your outdoor furniture a new look. With Kohl's selection of patio cushions and outdoor pillows, you can explore abstract patterns, coastal/nautical designs, florals and geometric shapes. There's so much more to our collection of outdoor and patio cushions and pillows. No matter your decor, we have options to help you coordinate!

Here's a sneak peek:


These destination-inspired styles are sure to take you back to your favorite beach vacay. With bold stripes, airy neutrals and loads of blue, these beachy finds are sure to give your space the seaside feel you're looking for. Layer patterns and texture to create a "lived-in" feel. Incorporate organic materials like driftwood, twine, rope, or rattan for visual interest. When picking a fabric for your accent pillows, remember that lightweight fabrics can give a more authentic beach feel. To take your outdoor space to the next level, throw some decor featuring your favorite sea life, or some nautical throw pillows and your coastal getaway is complete.


Well-traveled style is hard to come by, but these globally inspired outdoor cushions help get your patio one-step closer to your perfect oasis. Global style is often a carefully curated blend of collected pieces from your travels, but some common essential elements can be found among most global spaces. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you incorporate a global influence in your outdoor living space. Start with what you have collected during your travels. If you a drawn to this aesthetic you have most likely traveled the world and been inspired by the beautiful sights, cultures and people you've met along the way. If you haven't gotten your first stamp in your passport just yet, look for pieces that are influenced by diverse cultures. Better yet, try to find authentic pieces that intricate designs are steeped in history, and more often than not come with luxurious fabrics, earthy tones and deep colors, the ancient patterns, and handmade feel are.


When people hear "contemporary style," they often confuse it with modern design. While they have some similarities, contemporary style has one stark difference—warmth! This style takes the best parts of modern design: cleans lines, sleek finishes, minimalism and pairs it with bold colors, lush fabrics and cozy comfort. When it comes to creating your contemporary living space, remember less is more. Focusing on finding strong pieces with abstract design allows you to find something special the make your space your own. Also, having as much open space as possible is key to nailing this look. It should feel airy, not desolate. You don't have to go overboard with accessories, but eye-catching pieces with interesting and eclectic design are sure to have a high impact.

These are just a few of the types of patio cushions Kohl's has to offer. Don't forget to pair them with the perfect patio furniture to complete the look. Kohl's selection of outdoor living options is just what you need to make your backyard your relaxation destination.

How to Clean Your Patio Cushions

When you're purchasing outdoor pillows, it's essential to consider their fabric. The fabric of the pillow will determine how to clean it. More often than not, you can find out this information before purchasing by reading the product details. If not, you can always take a look at the Q&A section of the product's page and inquire. Kohl's Customer Service or your fellow Kohl's Customers will be able to help you! Outdoor cushions are meant to withstand the elements. Most times, they can be hosed down quickly and left to dry in the sun, but tough stains may require a little more care. In those cases, make sure that your cushions have removable covers to be easily tossed in the washer. Removable covers make it easier to maintain them. If your pillows aren't equipped with removable covers, take mild detergent, warm water, a sponge and get to work!