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Patio Umbrellas for Your Home

You’ll enjoy some quality time in the great outdoors while relaxing under the shade of patio umbrellas from Kohl's! Outdoor patio umbrellas can be used in front yards, back yards, poolside, and in the middle of outdoor dining sets as a table umbrella. No matter what size, color, or style you’re looking for, you'll know that you're getting quality products sure to make your outdoor living space even more inviting!

How Big Should a Patio Umbrella Be?

Patio umbrellas are ideal for adding shade to your exterior entertaining area. However, in order to truly enjoy all the benefits that they have to offer, you’ll need to first find the right size for your outdoor space. If the patio umbrella is too small, you will not receive the amount of shade you desire. However, if the umbrella is too large, then you may run into issues with low hanging tree branches.

The size of your outdoor umbrella will determine the weight and design of the base needed to keep the umbrella upright and steady on your patio or deck. It’s recommended that your umbrella should extend over your table by at least two feet on each side for optimal shade from sun rays. Fortunately, we have a great selection of umbrella canopies ranging from 5.5 feet to 11 feet.

Patio Umbrella Styles

Market umbrellas are the most popular style of outdoor umbrellas. These patio table umbrellas come in round, square and rectangular shapes held by a pole in the middle. Alternatively, cantilever umbrellas often feature more flexibility with the adjustment mechanisms compared to a market umbrella because it’s attached to a single freestanding pole on one end. Since the pole doesn’t go through the center of the table, it’s ideal for large outdoor dining areas or sectional seating.

Other important factors are the colorfastness of the canopy material, and whether it’s UV and water-resistant. This ensures that the umbrella won't fade or tear due to sun, wind, or rain. You can also decide if you want a crank or push umbrella. Crank umbrellas make it easy to raise and lower the umbrella’s canopy with a tilt function that lets you adjust the umbrella’s angle as the sun moves. Conversely, a push umbrella will take a little more work to manually lock the canopy into place.

Other Patio Furniture

Are you ready to turn your patio or deck into the perfect place for outdoor entertainment and relaxation? Your outdoor hosting acumen starts and ends with the furniture you offer to your guests, and Kohl's is your one-stop-shop for all of your outdoor hosting needs.

Add a hint of style and sophistication to your home's outdoor aesthetic with patio seating and tables. Then when the weather turns cold, you’ll have no trouble keeping warm with the help of heaters and fire pits. Whether you’re looking for patio furniture sets, outdoor pillows, lights, or rugs, you’re sure to find all your home must-haves at Kohl's, and create space that you and your family will love!