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Mother of Pearl… They're Back!

What's the deal with pearls?

You know how pearls just disappeared for a while there? Once relegated to the elderly women of the world and high class parties, pearls faded from the forefront of fashion. Fast forward to today and it seems that they've made a surprise resurgence in fashion. They cropped up on the runways and quickly made their way back onto the gleaming shelves of department store jewelry cabinets.

It's unclear why pearls faded from fashion, but it's even more perplexing why they came back. By far the most interesting thing to rise from its return is the lack of rules associated with them. Perhaps this is telling that the thing that killed pearl's popularity was the level of exclusion they carried with them. So, how in the world should you wear them now?

How to work your pearls

Pearls may have been relegated to a certain type in the past, but now with the myriad colors available it's relatively easy to find the right look for you. With the return of pearls to fashion, they can be found in both classic and modern styles. The classic pearl necklace is the one or two row design that hang around the collar bones. While the rules of when to wear pearls are gone, the classic designs certainly go best with business and dress occasions. Their overall simplicity and beauty make them an excellent accessory that is pleasant to look at and won't distract.

If you're looking to acquire a more modern design, pearl has been incorporated into many different necklaces. Some are two-tone silver and gold with a pearl in between. Others are more decorative and feature unusual shapes. In some cases the pearl is used as an accent for the focal of the necklace. These are good for almost every occasion, however do bear in mind that unusually casual necklaces shouldn't make their way into your dress attire, and heavy consideration should be made for whether or not they're work appropriate.

Looking for something different?

Sometimes pearl just isn't what you're looking for, and that's totally okay! Below you'll find a handy styling guide for necklaces that aren't pearl.

Necklace overview

Necklaces are the best way to accentuate your neck, especially when your top can only do so much. As with other forms of jewelry be sure that your necklace does not clash with your earrings, nor your outfit. When wearing statement earrings, consider something subdued like a silver or gold chain. Naturally, the same is true when you're wearing a statement necklace. So with that in mind, what kind of necklaces can you find at Kohl's?


Pendant necklaces are a classy go to if you're looking for something sleek and understated. The quaint beauty that can be found in the selections available are great for finishing professional and casual outfits alike. Each necklace has a different shape and overall length which makes them perfect for many different tastes and styles.


Looking to stand out? Statement necklaces are the perfect way to be bold and fashionable at the same time. Statements aren't usually as compatible with dress or business wear, but you can be the judge of that. Most casual outfits would benefit from a statement necklace, so don't hesitate to build out your collection!

Sterling Silver

Is gold just a bit much for you? Well fret not, because sterling silver necklaces offer the sleek and sophisticated class you need, without being too loud. These necklaces are great to pair with more understated outfits that still need a little shine. With an abundance of different styles, you're likely to find your new favorite necklace.


While not as rambunctious as some statement necklaces, multistrands are great for when you need your jewelry to work double time. These necklaces have layers and complexity built in to up your fashion game. Since these offer truly unique designs, you should be able to turn some heads and feel good doing it.