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Puzzles for Kids Learning and Development

There's really nothing better for a toddler's learning & development than puzzles! Puzzles help foster their cognitive skills, problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, and so much more. Not to mention the boost of self-esteem your kid will get when they complete a puzzle all on their own! Kohl's has a wonderful assortment of wooden kid's puzzles to help them both play and grow!

Beyond all the great skills that puzzles can help build, puzzles can also help your child learn colors, shapes, animals, the alphabet, and more. We have a large selection of Melissa & Doug learning puzzles for kids that can help with every category. Some puzzles, like this Melissa and Doug alphabet sound puzzle, incorporate sounds to make learning even easier! To help with dexterity, your best option is peg puzzles. Peg puzzles, with sturdy plastic pegs to help children grasp, are great puzzles for toddlers. They'll never struggle to hold on to the pieces again.

Kohl's is the destination to find the best puzzles for your child's learning & development!