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Artificial Plants

Having plants around the home can give a welcoming and lively look. But not everyone is blessed with a green thumb. Faux plants and artificial trees are a great way to get the green without the stress and anxiety of keeping the plant alive! Kohl's has a wonderful selection of artificial plants and flowers to help create a refreshing and relaxing environment in your home!

When decorating with artificial plants, it's best to put them somewhere they could truly grow if it weren't faux. You can even create a more natural look by repotting with real soil. Artificial flowers and plants are perfect for mantels, as centerpieces, or in anywhere you want to light and brighten up your home. When the holidays come around, avoid the hassle of cleaning up pine needles, leaves, and branches with artificial wreaths and artificial trees. Artificial plants are an easy, no-fuss alternative to real greenery. Long lasting and easy to maintain, faux plants will allow you more time to focus on other aspects of your home's upkeep.

If you're searching for the right artificial plants for your home, look no further than Kohl's!