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Puzzles for the Family

Find the missing piece to your collection with a new puzzle from Kohl’s! With plenty of puzzle options to pass the time, our selection of jigsaw puzzles, floor puzzles, 3D puzzles, and more will help keep you and your family sharing quality time together for hours on end! With puzzle options for all ages, no one will feel left out!

So shop Kohl’s and find all the puzzles you need to keep the fun going! And once you complete your collection, shop for plenty of additional toys and games that add to the fun!

Types of Puzzles for the Whole Family

Even the youngest members of your family can enjoy the timeless fun that puzzles have to offer. For the little ones, a peg puzzle is perfect for playtime. The knobs on the puzzle pieces make them easy for little hands to grab. And the larger-sized pieces are perfect for kids that are still learning and growing.

As they grow, kids will want to move on to fun floor puzzles, which offer big-time fun! The large size takes up plenty of space in their room or the playroom, offering larger-than-life excitement! Floor puzzles feature everything from maps of the U.S.A. to animals, so there is sure to be a floor puzzle that’s right for anyone!

People of any age are sure to enjoy a traditional jigsaw puzzle. Jigsaw puzzles come in a large range of graphics, piece totals, sizes, and other factors, so a jigsaw puzzle that fits your personality and interests should be easy to find. The various factors challenge those of all age ranges and experience levels.

For even more complex puzzles, have a look at 3D puzzles! These structures offer a full three dimensions of fun, as you build your puzzle up, out, and around! Our selection of 3D puzzles feature real-life buildings, such as the White House, as well as popular fictional places like Hogwarts from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

And once you’re done with the more traditional types of puzzles, move on to intriguing and challenging brainteasers that really push your mind to the limits! From Rubik’s Cubes to mazes, we offer plenty of mind-bending puzzles that are sure to engage your imagination!

Benefits of Puzzles

So, aside from being a fun pastime, why should you consider doing puzzles? Well, the good news is that there are plenty of benefits to working on and completing puzzles! Let’s take a look at a couple of those benefits, and see what doing a puzzle can offer!

  • Jigsaw puzzles work all of your brain

Each side of your brain works a little differently than the other. The left brain is focused on logic, while your right brain is the creative side. Conveniently, jigsaw and other puzzles work both left and right sides for a complete brain workout!

  • Puzzles can help reduce stress

When you sit down with a puzzle, you begin to focus wholly and completely on just the image at hand, allowing you to forget about the day’s troubles and problems. This helps reduce the amount of stress you’re feeling, and provides some calm in a busy and stressful world.