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Red Wine Glass Sets

Wine is delicious no matter what you consume it out of, be it a wine glass, plastic cup, or your favorite mug. But great wines deserve the right glass! Your wine will taste better and you'll be able to enjoy the wonderful aromas your wine has to offer. Kohl's has an amazing assortment of wine glasses so you can sip in style!

Red wine glasses are specifically designed to bring out the best in your wine. Typically, red wine glasses have a full, round bowl and large opening. This is mainly to increase the oxidation rate to give a smoother taste to this complex wine. You can play around with the style of your wine glasses so they fit in well with the aesthetic of you your kitchen & dining areas. Some options are colored wine glasses and stemless wine glasses, like this Oneida Nova stemless wine glass set. You can change out your wine glasses to fit the occasion or season, like with a set of Christmas wine glasses. Classic cut glass, etched, or monogramed glasses make the perfect wedding red wine glasses. If you're a frequent entertainer, shatterproof wine glasses are an essential for your next dinner party.

Kohl's great selection of wine glasses will ensure you have the right wine glass to enjoy your favorite reds.