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Relic by Fossil Watches

Not a Relic of the Past

Relic by Fossil are a no brainer buy. The makers know exactly what makes a good timepiece, and what doesn’t. When you’re shopping for one of their watches, you’ll be struck by the classic nature of their designs. Watch faces are clear and are rarely cluttered, and the materials they use to adorn the faces tend to feel at home.

Kohl’s features an array of men and women’s selections from Relic by Fossil, which means there’s something for everyone. Relic by Fossil timepieces are great for new watch enthusiasts because of their affordable pricing and good build quality. They tend to lack the bourgeois aura of other watch brands (without looking or feeling cheap), making them a great choice for business and casual outfits.

The Rules of the Watch

So, you want to maximize your style, huh? You’re in luck because they’re fairly straight forward. There are three categories of rules you’ll need to keep in mind: occasion, material, and face styles. Let’s start with occasion.

Going to a black tie event? Think simple and understated. The point of black tie is conversation, so you should be mindful to dress well, but not loudly. This same rule applies to your accessories. It’s about complementing subtlety rather than destroying it. When dressing for business, it’s okay to go a bit more flashy. A substantial watch (larger profile, flashier) is definitely what you want, since it makes a strong statement about you. For casual, your clothes may be louder, so don’t go overboard on the watch. You can use a wider array of designs that may be otherwise distracting for business and formal events.

Materials are what give watches their luster, but you have to be careful about which you use for certain occasions. Black tie watches should always be dark, and consider a black leather strap. You cannot risk blowing the look away with anything lighter or louder. When picking for business occasions gold or silver metal is the go to. It’s flashy to communicate status, but should not be so decorative that it becomes absurd to wear. Casual outfits allow for more interesting shapes and colors that come from blends of plastic, metal, leather, etc.

Watch faces are by far the least important, but you should still keep them in mind. You have a choice of either analog or digital. For formal and black tie, you have to wear an analog watch. But be sure that it’s not overly designed, as that can still be distracting. When wearing a watch for business, either is okay. A more decorative analog face can be acceptable depending on the nature of the engagements for the day. Similarly, digital faces are becoming more popular with the rise of the smartwatch, so style that accordingly. With casual, you can do as you wish, so long as it doesn’t clash!

For the Tech Savvy


You won’t find Relic by Fossil smartwatches, but if you’re looking to integrate wearables into your daily fashion, keep reading below to learn more:

Smartwatches are certainly the future. They pair with your smartphones, and have been dubbed “wearables.” They can do what a watch can do, and more. Because of this development, you may have some new style options. While it’s generally a faux pas to wear a smartwatch for black tie occasions, definitely consider one for business purposes. They’re extremely functional, and often have software to change the face of the watch to be flashier or more subtle.

Some smartwatches also feature removable straps so that you can have them better fit the occasion. With that in mind, sometimes the base strap isn’t great for days when you need to be out and about. You can find “sport” straps that feature a different material that is better suited for a day at play.

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