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Robes for Women, Men & Children

Nothing says the end of a successful day like putting on a long, loose, billowing robe after a nice shower or bath. Reach new heights of relaxation and luxury in one of Kohl’s comfortable robes, featuring some of the top brands available. Robes have a rather royal history of signifying rank or special position in the community. Let your household know that you’ve risen the ranks by donning an incredibly soft and supportive robe from Kohl’s. We’ve got relaxing robes for women, men, children and even babies in a great variety of styles, colors and patterns. Remember: the robe is meant to pamper people...treat yourself right, you deserve it!

Robes for Women

Speaking of royal history, women shopping for robes should know about the "robe of honor.” Certain robes are ceremoniously awarded from one individual to another in order to bestow authority, seal alliances, and publicly proclaim official ties and positions. Whether she’s celebrating another workplace triumph or rewarding her latest great workout, it’s time to pick out an unforgettably gorgeous robe in honor of the woman in your life and recognize her authority as the most relaxed human in the house. Pair a regal robe with perfect Women's pajamas from Kohl’s.

Robes for Men

Gentlemen, cool your engines. Whether he just closed the deal at work, or worked out a great deal at the gym, we’ve got the robes to celebrate his latest conquest. Even if he’s only recently closed the door on a brisk shower, the time to robe-up is here. Kohl’s has got the man of the moment covered for his celebration. Keep the kingly coronation going with our wide selection of robes for me and Kohl’s, featuring some of the top brands available anywhere. Make your whole bedtime, morning time and lounge act come together with great pajama options for Men from Kohl’s.

Robes for Children

Being a child these days is not all video games and cotton candy. Kids work hard too: you ever try taking one of those standardized tests? Let the child in your life unwind in regal apparel, starting with super-comfy robes from Kohl’s. From familiar film characters to plush animal patterns, Kohl’s has got the overachieving youngster in your life covered. At the end of a long day of computerized assessments and navigating their social networks, let your child claim the crown of regal and adorable style in a robe from Kohl’s. Let your child chill in children pajamas from Kohl’s, perfect for under the robe or stand alone once the robe has served its vital purpose of being cozy.

Robes for Babies

Now, best of all: the robe for baby. Babies belong robed in cute, cozy comfort and Kohl’s has the robes for babies of all shapes and sizes. Our adorable robes make perfect baby shower and birthday gifts to welcome the new baby. Babies get bathed daily, so a robe would be both practical and indulgent...what two better words to describe how to treat a baby: practical indulgence. Kohl’s robes for babies promise to practically indulge the baby in your life in absolute comfort. Bring the baby’s lounge outfit together with crazy cute pajamas and pajama sets for babies from Kohl’s.