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The Best Headphones for Running

Some runners believe it's best to run only to the sound of your footfalls and breath. But what you can't deny is the motivating factor of listening to your favorite feel-good songs when embarking on a run. Have you ever listened to "Eye of the Tiger" during a workout? If not, you now have an addition to your playlist! As any runner knows, your everyday earbuds aren't going to cut it. Kohl's has a great selection of headphones for running that will keep you excited mile after mile!

Over the ear headphones, on ear headphones, in ear headphones, which is best? This comes down to personal preference. All can work for a runner but some options may be more comfortable than others. Over the ear wireless running headphones offer an extra level of comfort since they have larger ear cups that fully encompass the ears. A necessity for any runner would be a pair of bluetooth headphones or wireless headphones. They're essential because they allow you to stream your music effortlessly & be free from wires that can constrict your movement. For the no-excuses athlete, waterproof outdoors headphones are something to consider. These waterproof headphones for running are perfect for rainy day runs and to protect against sweat!

No matter if you're a beginner or a marathoner, Kohl's has a pair of running headphones that's right for you!