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Samsonite Luggage

Get ready to travel the world in style with Samsonite luggage from Kohl's! Samsonite suitcases hold all your essentials when you're on the go. Whether you need a compact carry-on that can skim through the airport with ease or a large, workhorse suitcase for your next big adventure, Kohl's has the reliable, quality Samsonite luggage you need for smooth travel. Shop our selection of luggage and get ready to become a jet-setter!

Ensure the safety and protection of all your important belongings with durable Samsonite hardside luggage from Kohl's. Be sure to head to your destination in style when you browse our selection of luggage. With many different sizes and colors, including our line of Samsonite black luggage, you can be sure to recognize your luggage on the carousel and field plenty of "Where did you get your bag?" questions. And while you're here, be sure you're ready for your next adventure, with our line of Samsonite accessories, like slim and stylish laptop bags. Let Kohl's help you gear up the right way with all the essentials you need to make it a trip to remember.

How to choose the ideal luggage?

Choosing the right cabin luggage for your needs is not always easy. With so many size and weight restrictions imposed by different airlines, making sure you're sticking to the rules can be difficult and confusing. Add to that all the questions concerning style, color, added features, and what will best match your other luggage…on top of all the other things to consider: Do you prefer a hardside or softside model? Two or four wheels? Which size is best? With or without a laptop compartment? Read on for answers to all of your questions and be sure to check out Kohl's handy Luggage Buying Guide for even more help in selecting the perfect luggage or luggage set for your travel needs.

Hardside or Softside Luggage?

Hardside luggage has the advantage of being more water resistant, something you will appreciate if you find yourself caught in a storm between the airport and hotel. Hardside models are also less susceptible to damage and can offer more protection if you're expecting a bumpy trip.

Softside cabin luggage, on the other hand, is usually lighter, which is helpful when packing according to airline weight restrictions. Softside models can also offer extra flexibility when squeezing bags into tight compartments. Some even offer expandability functions that allow for increased space and capacity when needed.

Interior and Exterior Organization

For business travelers, several Samsonite models offer a laptop compartment to keep yours safe and secure without the need for a separate laptop bag, as well as USB ports and power banks to help you stay connected when you're not near an outlet or other power supply. Exterior pockets are also available on some Samsonite models and allow quick and convenient access to your travel tickets, passport, phone or newspapers.

When it comes to wheels, you should think about whether you prefer to push or pull your suitcase. 4-wheeled luggage is idea for smooth terrain while 2-wheeled luggage is better when you anticipate crossing bumpy ground.

Dimensions and Weight

We all want to avoid extra fees charged by airlines for luggage that is too big or too heavy. Check out Kohl's Luggage Size Guide and find out everything you need to know to get the right bags for you and your family and avoid the frustration of extra fees for oversized bags.

Samsonite luggage from Kohl's is perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle. Stop worrying about whether that old suitcase will withstand being thrown in the hold and toss the carry-on with the broken wheel: It's time to travel in style with Samsonite suitcases and luggage sets. Shop Kohl's for all your luggage needs and get fully prepared for takeoff!

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